Not every secondary brand mentioned in this table is of less quality per se. Some firms use other labels for cognacs that are sometimes remarkably good.

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↨ Namepicture↨ Remarks↨ source↨ location↨ Website
Adet, Marquis d'owned by Adet SewardEP
Alain Delonowned by Distillerie de la Tour5
Alfred Nobelowned by Rosmersholm; produced by Gautier@Oslo (N)
Ansacowned by Unicognac3a,7,B,EPJonzac
Apteekkarinmade by Peyrat for Finnish market@Cognac
Arbellot & Cie.owned by Royer (Louis Saveur) (mainly in Scandinavia)1Jarnac
Arc de Triompheowned by Hine@
Arc de Triompheowned by Vinet-Delpech@
Artim, Comte deowned by Meukow (brand for Mitra)7
Augier Freres (J.)oldest firm, does not exist anymore; brand is now owned by Martell (Pernod-Ricard); Augier is now again in production1,3,3a,4,10,EPCognac
Avenue Champs Elyséesowned by Vinet-DelpechB
Baron Rignacowned by Vinet-EgeBBrie s/ Arciac
Bellery, Julesowned by Royer1,EPJarnac
Bertinowned by Dupin1
Bessière, monsieur deNég. MonnetEPSegonzac
Birkebeinerowned by Rosmersholm; produced by Gautier@Oslo (N)
Bocuse, Paulbrand owned by Polignac (Unicoop, Mounier); has also been produced by Croizet and by Hennessy1,3a,EP
Bowenowned by Chabasse 2,4,5,7,B
Bremantowned by Saveur, Louis (part of Louis Royer)BJarnac
Breuil, Grandowned by Tessendier7,EPCognac-Cedex
Burnezowned by Prunier1
Caillou, lebrand of Gautier/Aigre7
Camp RomainNég. HennessyEP
Carriérebrand of Croizet1,B,EPSt. Même-les-Carrières
Chabanneaunow owned by Camus1,3,4,7Cognac
Chaigne, lebrand of Peyrat assoc. (estate Le Chaigne)@Touzac
Chambre, lebrand of Peyrat assoc. (estate Le Chaigne)@Touzac
Charles de Franceniacowned by Vinet-Delpech@
Chatelier, Claudeowned by Gabriel (& Andreu); used to be owned by Pierre Ferrand4,7,B,EPSegonzac
Chronosbrand of Tessendier@
Clouetbrand of DumontBJarnac
Club Cigareof the Cabanne Familie; name of the enterprise is Hawkins Distributions@Bourg-Charente
Collection, Cognacs debrand of GrosperrinB
Combeau & Co., Pascalowned by Marie Brizard (Gemaco; Gautier)1,3,3a,9,B,EPCognac
Comte FreresDistilleries de Matha (Brugerolle)@Matha
Conjurebrand of Braastad (Tiffon): brand of Birkedal Hartmann (in collaboration with rap-artist Ludacris)@
Dantec, lebrand of Vinet-Delpech@
DavidoffSince 2011 produced by Hine; before by Hennessy1,3,4,EP
Debriacbrand of Fransac (Roullet-Fransac)@Cognac
Decourtetowned by Gabriel (& Andreu); before owned by Pierre FerrandEP
Delisle, Richardbrand of Hawkins Distributions van CabanneBBourg Charente
Delour & Filsowned by Croizet-Eymard1, EP
Denis, J. Mounié, Henry & Co.owned by LV-MH3a,4,6,EPJarnac
Devorjacbrand of Vinet-Delpech@
Diamond Jubileebrand of Vinet-Delpech@
Didonne, de (prince de)owned by unicognac (before it was a brand of the cooperation Cozes-Saujon (does not exist anymore)1,4,5,EPSémussac
Domaine des ForgesBrand of Peyrat ass. & Cie.@Cognac
Domaine des ForgesBrand of Vallein-Tercinier@
Dorlan & Co., P.Nég. Croizet1,B,EPSt.-Même
DuboigalantOwned by Trijol familie1,2,3,4,5,EPSt. Martial sur Né
Duc d'Aiguillonbrand of laurent Jouffe@
Duchanelbrand of Bols; produced by MonnetEP
Dufaur & Cieowned by Brugerolle1,EPMatha
Dumourier & Cie.owned by Hardy1,EPCognac
Dunhillbrand of Camus (since 1995)4La Rochelle
Duparc & Co., L.Compagnie Française Spiritueux?1,EPCognac
Dupin, Robertproduced by Ménard for Boomsma Leeuwarden (NL)1,7,EPCognac
Dupont, Julienowned by Boinaud groep1,5,7,B,EPAngeac-Champagne
Dupuy & Co., A. Edmondowned by Bache Gabrielsen1,2,4,5,6,B,EPCognac
Duquaibrand of Braastad-TiffonBJarnac
Duretowned by Saveur, Louis (Louis Royer, which was sold to Suntory, Japan in 1988)1,B,EPJarnac
Exshaw, Johnowned by Otard1,2,3,3a,4,6, EPCognac
Famille Ferrandbrand of Pierre Ferrand and Franck Monier4Segonzac
Fantasybrand of Vinet/Delpech@
Faucon d'Or De Laagebrand of De Laage; (Gemaco; Gautier/Aigre)1,3a,7
Favraud & Co., J.brand owned by Ladoga Group; bottled by CCG1,EPJarnac
Fayette & Co., labrand of H. Mounier; (Unicoop)1,B,EPCognac
Ferrand, Pierrebrand of Gabriel (Pierre Ferrand went his own way in the 1990's as Pierre de Segonzac; also as Monier-Ferrand)1,3,3a,4,5,6,7,EPArs
Fontpinot, Chateau debrand of Frapin1,3a,B,EP
Fortnum & Masoncognacs are produced by Chateau de Beaulon EPLondon
Foucauld, Luciènbelongs to CCG1,3,3a, EPCognac
Fouché, J.brand of A.E. Dor1
Françeniac, Charles debrand of Distillerie Vinet Ege@
Francetbrand of Staub1
François Ibrand of Staub@Saint-Preuil
Furiobrand of Unicoop5
Gautier & Co., Guyowned by Hine/LV.MH (not related to Gautier/Aigre); logo has three little trees1, EPJarnac
Godeaubrand of Jean Paul Mallet, owned by Unicoop@
Gold Tiger Cognacbrand of Euronegoce Spirits; owner: Ricard@Juillac-le-Coq
Golden Eifel Towerbrand of Vinet-Delpech@
Golden Lionbrand of Castillon-Renault (Korean market?)1
Grand Bouquetbrand of Euronegoce Spirits; owner: Ricard@Juillac-le-Coq
Grand Empereurbrand of De Luze; owned by Boinaud; they make brandy nowadays, no cognacs anymore@
Grands Domainesbrand of Abécassis (ABK6)@
Grashoff, Hauscognac has been made by several producers: Chateau de Plessis, A.E. Dor, Frapin, Normandier-Mercier, Ranson1Bremen
Hautefort & Co., J.owned by Godet1,7,EPLa Rochelle
Henrik-Ibsenbrand of Rosmersholm; produced by Birkedal-Hartmann@Oslo (N)
House of Hemerybrand of Dobbe@
Hubert de Sainte CroixDistributed by Mocq SAS MVM@L'Isle-de-Espagnac
Imperialbrand of Le Clos de Romas@Neuillac
Isard Frères & Neveuxbrand of Gemaco (Gautier/Aigre)1,7,EPAigre
IzambardNég. HennessyEP
Jardinacbrand of Les Grands Chais de France@
Jarraud, AlbertOwned by A.E. Dor1, EP
Jasserie, labrand of Unicoop1, EPCognac
Jollietbrand of De Fussigny@Cognac
Joseph Guybrand of Louis Royer, see Guy7,EPLes Métairies
Joseph, Comtebrand of Les Grands Chais de FranceEPPetersbach (Zw)
Laage Fils & Co., depart of Gemaco (Gautier/Aigre; Berger groep); still produces Faucon d'Or1,3a,EPSt. Savinien-sur-Charente
Lafite Rothschildfirm in Bordeaux; produces a series of borderies1,3a,4,5,6Pauillac (Bordeaux)
Lafont de St. PreuilProduces cognac in collaboration with Peyrat & Assoc.; same address as BoujuEPSt. Preuil
Lagrange, Gaston debrand of Martini, now Otard1,2,3,3a,4,5,B,EP
Lamolebrand of Peyrat Ass. & Cie.BCognac
Landybrand of Gabriel & Andreu (cognac Ferrand)4,7,B,EPSegonzac
Lascarbrand of CCG@
Lauriacbrand of Unicognac6, EPJonzac
Lautrec, Powned by Godet@La Rochelle
Levonbrand of Guy de Bersac@Cognac
Le Rochowned by Grosperrin@
Liandrybrand of Falandy-Liandry (mainly Asian market)1, EPCognac
Lisztbrand of Vinet-Delpech;@Barret
Lormin, JulesOwned by Vallein-Tercinier1, EPChermignac
Louise Hivertbrand of Hivert-Pellevoisin, belongs to Godet.@La Rochelle
Lucky Dragonbrand of Vinet-Delpech;@Barret
Lys, Marquis dubrand of Peuchet@Clermont-Ferrand
Maison Rougebrand of Hardy, for US market@
Maître, lebrand of Merlet & Fils (fins bois)@Saint-Sauvant
Marceaubrand of A. de Fussigny@
Marett & Co.owned by Prunier; see also Arbouin Marett & Co. (Marett: est.
1, EPCognac
Marie Domainebrand of Hawkins Ditribution, owned by Cabanne; not to be confused with Marie Domaine 1806 of Pierre Ferrand@Bourg-Charente
Marquisbrand of Royer7,EPJarnac
Marquis de Gensacbrand of Pierre de SegonzacB,EPSegonzac
Marsy, deowned by Prunier1,7
Martignac, François deowned by Domaine du Chillot, (now owned by Domaine de Coquerel)1,3a,B,EPSt. Preuil
Martinaud, Albertbrand of Unicoop1, EP
Martineaubrand of L. de Salignac@Jarnac
Meriac, Roland debrand of Vallein-TercinierB,EPChermignac
Mestreaubrand of Grosperrin@Saintes
Monier, Paulbrand of Pierre Ferrand and Franck Monier4Segonzac
Montignybrand of unicognacEP
Morel, A.G.brand of Salignac1
Moulin des Grillauds, lebrand of Lapeyronnie, SébastienEPSaint Genis d'Hiersac
Mounier, Henriowned by Unicoop1,3,5,B,EPCognac
Mumm & Co., G.H.brand of Augier/Seagram (sold anly in the USA); now owned by Pernod-Ricard3a, EPNew York
Nahimovbrand of A, de Fussigny; sold in RussiaBCognac
Nansenbrand of Unicoop@
NaulinOwned by Dupont & Cie, j. (Naulin was established in 1879)1,7,EP
Onabrand of Unicognac (Portugese market?)BJonzac
Parallaxebrand of Vinet-Delpech;@Barret
Paris Toujoursbrand of Vinet-Delpech@
Paulsen Collectionbrand of Maxime Trijol@
Paysans Charentais, cognac desbrand of Unicoop1, EP
Peu, leNég. Hennessy, brand of HennessyEP
Philebert & Co.Renamed Tessendier (Tessendier established Philebert and at first called his cognacs Philebert)EPJarnac
Pionneau & Co.brand of Camus since 1969;1, EP
Pitters, Williambrand of Belvedère (used to be owned by Marie Brizard)@
Poniatowski, Jozefbrand of Brugerolle (Polish market)1
Pouyade, labrand of Jean FilliouxBJuillac-le-Coq
Prince Alain MuratMade in colaboration with Jouffe@
Proprietaires Vinicoles de Cognac, Sociétébrand of Monnet1,9
Puligny, G.B. deowned by Brugerolle1, EPMatha
Reflets de Francebrand of Jules Duret (owned by Louis Royer)@
Renard, Andréproduced by Hardy@
Revancheowned by Birkedal Hartmann@
Reviseur, Lebrand of Abk6BBarret
Reyalbrand of Vinet-Delpech@
Rignac, Baron debrand of Vinet-DelpechB,EP
Roch, lebrand of GrosperrinBSaintes
RochasNég. A.E. DupuyEP
Rochenac & Cie., debrand of Hardy1,7,EPCognac
Roi des Roisbrand of Unicognac; used to be owned by Dontrac & ses Fils, J.B.
Roi Soleilbrand of Delpech-Fougerat@
Rouge, maisonbrand of A. Hardy USA (related to Hardy-France)@
Royal Masterbrand of Vinet-Delpech@
Réau-Richardowned by CCG1Cognac
Réserve des Garantsproduced by Lhéraud@Angeac
Staub & Co., A.Staub does not produce this brand anymore, but they now produce François I 1, EPSt. Preuil
St. Rémyowned by Remy Cointreau@
Surrenne Maisonbrand of Tiffon/Braastad@Jarnac
Talismanbrand of Cognac Ferrand@
Tanneur, leNég. Royer1, EPJarnac
Tescobrand for supermarket; owned by Salignac1, EPCognac
Triac, Chateau debrand of Peyrat; produced for Gall & Gall7,@Cognac
Tricochebrand of Birhedal-Hartmann@
Trésor des Roisbrand of Vinet-Delpech@
Ussé, downed by Baccardi (brand of Chateau de Cognac - Otard)@
Vieille Villebrand of Domaine des BroixBTouzac
Vigier-Latourbrand of Unicoop (Mounier)1, EPCognac
Vikingbrand of Larsen & Co.EP
Villanellebrand of Gemaco@
Yllac, Baron d'brand of Distillerie des Moisans (Bru)EPSireuil


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