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Name ↨ kpictype of producer ↨ Remarks ↨ source ↨ location ↨ Website ↨
Abbaye de Fontdoucen'other'owned by Boutinet@St. Bris des Boishttp://www.fontdouce.com/
Adet Seward S.A.n'other'Owned by Bardinet; does not produce any cognacs anymore; only brandy.1,5,EPBordeauxhttp://www.bardinet.fr/default.asp?hasLegalAge=1&sx_lang_languageid=1
Alambique ClassiqueMap marker star red7Import and wholesale; owner: Hermann Suppanz@Bad Wörishofen
Alan B.nunknown@
AlexandernGrappa producerbrand of Bottega SPA, produced by Distillery de la Tour@Italy
Allure Royalen'other'owned by Jean-Marc Daucourt; stopped@Angoulemehttp://www.daucourt.com/
Antiquaires, les * du CognacMap marker square red2bouilleur de profession or distilleryPinard family1,3,5Jarnac
Arc Royaln'other'owned by Rola Weinbrennerei und Likörfabrik@Rottenbrug (D)http://www.rola-spirituosen.de/
Arcusn'other'Norwegian wine business@Norvege
Aukrustnunknownproduced by Chateau de Montifaud@
Baccara, LiseMap marker star red7coöperationgroup of 6 winegrowers, president: Gérard PaignonBPonshttp://www.lisebaccara.com/
Bancel & Cie., J.Map marker yellow redunknownowned by Domaine de Fontsèche. bought in 1990 by the Japanese Nikka; in 2000 sold to Berteau2,5,EPDompierre sur Charente
Baron Patricknwine-producerowner is Baron Patrick Ladoucette, producer of Pouilly Fumé wines (amongst others)@
Baron Ledacn@
Beaubourgnunknownseen for sale on the internet@
Berry Bros & Ruddn'other'wine and liquorfirm that has his own brand of cognac; collaboration with Frapin1,5,EPLondonhttp://www.bbr.com/whiskies/cognac
Bois d'Ornunknown@
Bonaparten'other'cognac brand made for Arcus (see Arcus)@Norvege
Bransonnmade by Raymond Ragnaudbrand owned by rapper 50 Cent's@
Brim, Chateau den'other'produced by Distillerie Paul Devoille (mostl makes liqueurs)@Fougerolles
Brim, comte denunknown@
Brim, Marquis denunknownowner seems to be Wing Global Ltd in New York@http://marquisdebrim.com/
Broff, denunknownowned by Nuga, import@Saarbrücken (Du)http://www.nuga.eu/
Cadenhead, Williamn'other'whiskyfirm; produced by Charpentier in Brie sous Archiac@
Chalfontenunknownowned by Chatam@
CalisinacMap marker star red7coöperation; stopped around 2009Cooperation LiboreauB,EPSiecqhttp://lgeoffrin4.free.fr/siecq/
Cardin, Jacquesn'other'Brand owned by Sydney Frank Importing Company@New Rochelle (US)http://www.sidneyfrank.com/
Casteljac, Gaston den'other'owned by Adex@Castelnau d'Auzanhttp://www.terroir-armagnac.com/DetailsProdEdito.aspx?productID=41
Chance, lanunknown (Jean Goudert?)@
Chapters of Ampersandn'other'produced in collaboration with Tiffon@http://chaptersofampersand.com/
Charlemagne, J. & L.Map marker star red7'other'Bouyer family@Angoulêmehttp://www.charlemagne.fr/
Charpentier, Denisn'other'independant3,4,5,EPParijshttps://denischarpentiercognac.com/?lang=en
Chateau de Verteuilnnegociantproduced by Bouyer (Charlemagne) for the Rochefoucauld family (brand owner)@
Chevaliern'other'; probably brand for supermarket (Aldi); producer: Courvoisier@
Chevalier, distilleriendistillery, owner: Alain Chevalier@Chateauneuf sur Charente
Chevalier de CrucMap marker square red2bouilleur de profession or distillery; still active?
owned by Bégouin1,6Ste.-Lheurinehttp://www.cognac-pineau-begouin.fr/
Compassnmade by Slauer Sardet@Le havre
Comte de Boisdauphinnunknownowner: Louis-Marc Servie, comte de Boisdauphin (monaco)@
Comte Joannbrand of The Wines 88 Caratsproduced by Cabel in Sonnac@Libourne
Comte Jerom In'other'brand name owned by Siabrück Brände; producer unknown@
Couzin, FrédericnWholeseller who markets a cognac under his own name@Verrières
Croix Royalen'other'owned by Rola Weinbrennerei und Likörfabrik@Rottenbrug (D)http://www.rola-spirituosen.de/
Dallmayrn'other'produced by Lhéraud; delicatessen5,6,EPMunchen (Dui)http://www.dallmayr-versand.de/Weine-Spirituosen/Cognac
Daucourt, Micheln'other'French whiskyproducer who now also makes some cognacs @
Delaitrenunknownowned by the Metro groep@
Delpech FougeratMap marker square red2bouilleur de profession of distilleerderijBrand owned by Vinet-Delpech; 1,3a,5,6,B,EPBarrethttp://www.vinet-delpech.com/
Denoix, Elie-Arnaudnbouilleur de profession or distilleryBCollonges-la-Rouge
De Veren'other'De Vere Luxury Spirits and Fine Wines@Canadahttp://luxuryspiritsgroup.com/home/
Emperiornunknown producer; @
Exston'other'eigenaren: Bernie Leung en Sara Shen; gemaakt door Vallantin-Dulac@
Figaratnunknown; collaboration with Eurovins@
Fonbelle, François den'other'?BCognac
Fookes, G.B.nunknown producer; for Australian market@
FrérotnunknownOwned by Flaviar@
GilbertnFrançois GilbertAround Saintes, Rétaud@
Giorgionmade via Emperor's brand for Gucciproducer unknown@
Globalnproducer unknown@
Golden Chateaununknownmade for Asian market@
Gordon and Macphailn'other'Not produced anymore?@(Scotland)http://www.gordonandmacphail.com/
Grand Rayonn'other'owned by Rola Weinbrennerei und Likörfabrik@Rottenbrug (D)http://www.rola-spirituosen.de/
Guilde du Cognac, lan'other'owned by Maison Villevert of Jean-Sébastien Robicquet@Merpins
Guy De Bersacn'other'belonged to Asbach; Domaine du Chillot was sold to Bols; now made by Domaine du Coquerel.1,3a,EPMillyhttp://www.calvados-coquerel.com/cognac.htm
Hermitage Cognacn'other'collaboration with several wineproducers@Wiltshire (UK)http://www.brandyclassics.com/
Honor Cognac House of d'Orsayn'other'owned by Palmera Group; cognacs made by Birkedal Hartmann@Marshall Islands
Imoyanwine producersowned by KWV (Harsway Investments; part of Distell)@Paarl (SA)
Je Suisnunknownproduced for Simone Int. (importers)@
Jon Bertelsenn'other'collaboration of several cognacproducers3,5,Bhttp://www.jonsutvalgte.no/
KWV Héritage CognacnSouth-African wine and liquor producerproduced by Charpentier@Paarl (Zuid-Afrika)http://www.kwv.co.za/
L & LnKnown as the owner of Alizé; not sure if they are still producing5Cognachttp://www.canal-des-2-mers.com/alize/index.htm
Laborie, E.n'other'owned by MartayrolBSt.-Denis-la-Plaine (Parijs)http://www.calvados-martayrol.fr/
Lafragetten'other'organic producer; owned by L & L3, EPCognachttp://www.francedesaveurs.com/professionnel/region/Poitou-Charentes-19/Aperitifs-et-Spiritueux/entreprise/L.-et-L.-COGNAC/347.html
Lasdoux, Amélienunknowntargets the Baltic countriesEP
Last Drop Distillers Ltd.n'other'Three retired men from the whisky trade looking for old stocks to bottle
Latourelle, Philippen'other'owned by Martayrol@
LeadershipnunknownW&P International Export (fraude?)@Cognac
Le Maynfor supermarket, produced by Mounier@
Lonnal, denowned by Distilleries de Charleroiproducer unknown@Charleroi
Majesten'other'Van Branded Spirits; especially active in China@http://www.cognac-expert.com/cognac-brands/majeste-cognac
Malesannowned by Castel Frères?@
Marino, Rep. Sannunknown@
Marmotn'other'independant (Swiss)1Cognachttp://www.dettling-marmot.ch/de/home/
MarnierMap marker star red7'other'independant (liquor firm); produces its own cognac brand: Grand Marnier1,4,5,EPParis (filiaal in Bourg-Charente)http://en.grand-marnier.com/
Merlet & FilsMap marker square red2distilleryowners: Frères de Chevessac. Also borderies1,5,BSt. Sauvanthttp://www.merlet.fr/
Monceaununknownprobably produced for supermarket@
Montaillacnunknown producer@
Montaubert et Fils, Albert denbrand owned by Pierre Barrier, produced by Tercinier@Parishttp://www.montaubert.com/
Monfleurienowned by Olga Otrokhovaproduced by Boinaud@
Montignac, Baron denbouilleur de profession or distillery1,5,6,EPMerpinshttp://le-cognac.com/montignac/montignac.html
Moreau A & MC (Alain Gabriel Moreau)nliquor producerBCognac
NaudMap marker square red2bouilleur de profession or distilleryowned by Distillerie de la Tour (Naud family)@Ponshttp://www.distillerie-de-la-tour.com/
Nos Régions ont du Talentnunknownowned by Leclerc @
Noyn'other'"Armenian Cognac" (fraude?)@Doet het niet [http://www.nessuswine.com/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=229&Itemid=253]
Old Brothersnindependent bottlerest. 2016@
Organic Spiritnbouilleur de profession or distilleryBMerpinshttp://www.organicspirit.com/
Patou, Pierrenunknownproduced for Simone Int. (importers)2
PDA (Part des Anges)nproduced by Magni Spirits@Rörö (Sweden)
Peyrat, Distillerie duMap marker square red2bouilleur de profession or distilleryB,EPHoulettehttp://distilleriedupeyrat.com/
Pillet, JeanMap marker square brownbouilleur de profession or distillery1,BNancras
PremisnunknownOwned by Premis Beverages@https://www.premisbeverages.com/
Prince Charmacn'other'produced by Didier Grandeau; possibly collaboration with Liboreau@Artigueshttp://www.grandissime.com/?page=GDMLayout
Prince de Saint Méracn'other'@
Prince Dubarrynunknown@
Raillerie, Chateau de lanunknownowned by Staub@
Rayonnproduced by GodetOwned by Lowe Imports (US)@
Rayon, Grandnunknownowned by Aldi;EP
Richelieu & Cie.n'other'owned by Distell; possibly produced by Hardy or Godet 1,EP(SA)http://www.distell.co.za/runtime/popcontentrun.aspx?pageidref=3418
Richemont, Commanderie den'other'owned by Calvet (collaboration with Les Grands Chais de France)BBordeauxhttp://www.calvet.com/
Rissac & Co.nunknown(owned by Prunier?)@,EP
Rivente'nAmerican company (2017)produced by Raclie@Jacksonville (USA)https://www.riventecognac.com/
Roi, lenunknownfraude? Is sold in Ukraine@
Roland, Baronnunknown@
RosmersholmnBrand owned by liuorfirm in Norway; produced by Gautierbrands: Henrik-Ibsen, Alfred Nobel and Birkebeiner.@Oslo (N)
Rotary Club de Cognacn'other'EPhttp://www.rotary-cognac-record.org/fichier-collection
Roy Louisnunknownhousebrand of Gall & Gall; @
Royal Collectionnunknown@
Serge Alexandrenunknown (fb)owner of the shop Le Cognateque@Cognac
Safewaynunknown producerMade for British firm Safeway@
Sires de la TourMap marker square red2bouilleur de profession or distilleryowned by Distillerie de la TourB,EPPonshttp://www.distillerie-de-la-tour.com/fr/distillation-cognac-brandy-vodka-distillation-spiritueux-li.html?Itemid=29
Sophie & Maxnthey are the owners of cognacexpert.comproduced by André Petit@Poullignac
Thor HeyerdahlnBrand owned by Prizelius; unknown producer@
Through the GrapevinenBrand owned by La Maison du Whisky (LMDW), shopBrand from La Maison du Whisky (LMDW), shop in Paris; collaborates with several different brands@Paris
Tour Carréen'other'owned by Rola Weinbrennerei und Likörfabrik@Rottenbrug (D)http://www.rola-spirituosen.de/
Tour, de laMap marker square red2bouilleur de profession or distilleryowned by Distillerie de la Tour (Naud family)@http://www.distillerie-de-la-tour.com/
Touzain, Gérardnsells only to the big cognac merchants1,3a,6Segonzac
Trijol, MaximeMap marker square red2bouilleur de profession or distilleryProduced by Puy Gaudin? (See at BNIC)1,3,4,5,7,B,EPSt-Martial-sur-Néhttp://www.maxime-trijol.com/
Tsar Alexander Inunknown@
Vaillant, lenunknown@
Vallein Tercinier, FamilleMap marker square red2bouilleur de profession or distillery1,B,EPChermignachttp://www.cognac-tercinier.com/
Valois, Marquis denunknown@Lasdoux
Valzac, Comte denunknownEP
Vernon & Co. F. denunknownEP
Viardot, Paulinenunknown@
Vieux Garçon Cognacnunknownproduced for LIDL by Compagnie Viticole des Charentes@
Vinet-DelpechMap marker square red2bouilleur de profession or distilleryowned by Vinet-Ege; in 2012 Vinet and Delpech fuse1,6,BBrie-sous-Archiachttp://www.vinet-delpech.com/
Waitrose cognacnproduced for the British supermarket chain Waitrose@
Whisky Agencynindependant bottlerowner is the German Carsten Ehrlich@eigendom van Duitser Carsten Ehrlich
Wine SocietynIndependant cooperative society (purchase of wines)EPStevenage (UK)
WoodwintersnWine and whisky producer@Scotland
Zeitgeistnunknownowned by Uli Claus, Germany (Germanlux)@http://zeitgeist.ag/
ZeliaMap marker star red7other@Salles d'Angleshttp://www.cognaczelia.com/



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