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Name ↨ KPicRemarks ↨ source ↨ Place ↨ questionmarks ↨ Website ↨
Angibaud, Jeann@St. Sulpice de Cognac
Babinot, Marion & Claude ncognac is secondary@Javrezac
Bancel & Cie., J.Map marker yellow redbrand owned by Dompierre (Domaine de Fontseche); see other producers tabel 2,EPDompierre-sur-Charente
BaronMap marker drop lilaAlso known as Logis du Coudret and as Veuve Baron & Fils1,5,B,EPCherves-Richemont
Bouron, LouisMap marker blue 9see fins bois table
Bureau, Didiern1,5St.-Sulpice-de-CognacStill active?
Bureau, JackyMap marker blue 9also Fins Bois; see also Domaine de Flaville1,5,BDompierre
CharbonneauMap marker drop lila5,EPChez Pichéborderies?
DesrentesMap marker drop lilaB,EP,VICLouzac-St. André
Dubiny, Jeann1,5,B,EPBuriestopped
Duchamp, Renén1,EPMonsStill active?
Durbissnmarriage of DURand an BISseil>Durbiss; distillerie De la Croix Blanche5,EPCheracStill active? borderies?
Fontaine Joyeuse, laMap marker drop lilaOwned by Alain Vinet; Chateau de Font JoyeuseEPLouzac St. André
Fougerat, FannyMap marker drop lila@Buriealso fins bois
GiboinMap marker drop lilabefore it was: Pierre Lambert; Michel Giboin is son-in-law; now François Giboin.
Also some Fins Bois.
Gombert, RenénEPJavrezac
Map marker drop lilaMaurice Grateaud, also known as Vignoble Grateaud; today Jocelyne Grateaud (J. et J.P.)1,4,5,B,VICChérac
Grenon, Jean-Marien1,3aDompierre sur CharenteStill active?
Groussin, WilliamMap marker cirkel lila3Chérac
Héritage René RivièreMap marker drop lilaOwner: Jean-Jacques VidalB,EPSaint Sulpice de Cognac
Lambert Cognacnowned by GAEC du Ferry (stopped in 1990s)1Cherves-Richemont
Naud, Philippe & Jean MichelMap marker blue 91,B,EPSt. Laurent de Cognac
Ordonneau, JacquesMap marker drop lila1,5,9,BLa Grolette
Pain, AndrénToday: Marcel Pain1Chez Besson, Saint Sulpice de Cognac
Pain, RenénSame as Angibaud1Chez Jouannais, Saint Sulpice de Cognac
Pelluchon, Micheln1Chez Tachet, Saint Sulpice de CognacStill active?
Pinaud, AndrénToday: Michel Pinaud1Dompierre-sur-CharenteStill active?
Poussard, FélixMap marker cirkel lilaMr. Felix Poussard passed away in 20181,5,BL'Essart, Javrezacpossibly closed down (not operational)
Pouzet, Jean-Pierren1,EPVillars-les-boisStill active?
Puits FauconMap marker drop lilaowner: Daniel BouillardBBurie
Quintard, Bernardntoday: Philippe Quintard1Le Baronneau, BurieStill active?
Quintard, Pauln1,5Le Palain, Cherves RichemontStill active?
Raffait, Raymondn1,EPSaint-Sulpice-de-CognacStill active?
Relange, Charlotten1Le MaraisStill active?
Rémy TournyMap marker drop lila3Louzac-St-André
Roffignac, Comte Ferdinand deMap marker drop lila1,5,B,EPCherves-Richemont
TallonMap marker cirkel lilaToday: Michel TallonB,EPBurieborderies
Thomas, HenrietteMap marker cirkel lilaToday: ChristianBSt. Laurent de Cognacborderies
Veron, Distillerie du (D.)Map marker drop lilaAlso Fins Bois. B,1,5,EPMesnacToday seems to focus mainly on hotel function (not longer active)


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