Hennessy Bottle Catalog page 3: mini stands, sleeves and other specials (Last updated: Apr 24, 2021)

(38 mini stands, 39 sleeves, 33 hip flasks and 25 barrels and canons on this page and 10 other)

1. Miniature stands
2. Silicon and plastic sleeves
3. Hip flasks
4. Barrels, canons and other 
5. Other specials


1. Miniature stands

5cl stand with Cont.Net. 50ml on it

5cl stand with 5cl stated XO 5cl stand XO 5cl stand XO 5cl stand 5cl GC, Celebrate The Year 2000 10cl VSOP canon (Spanish import)

Subjoined bottles contain Hennessy cognac, but the bottles were not made or bottled by Hennessy and were not commisioned by Hennessy. There are many more…

5cl VS 10cl VS transparant 10cl VS frosted 35cl VS Jar

2. Silicone and plastic sleeves

how it works! or like this

2010: black, red, olive green and purple; label opening has a half crescent shape on top 2011: yellow, orange, pink and green; label opening has a half crescent shape on top

2012; opening of the sleeve not straight on top; orange-red2012; opening of the sleeve not straight on top; blue2012; opening of the sleeve not straight on top; black2012; opening of the sleeve not straight on top; dark red

2013; label opening has a half crescent shape on top; emblem above the sleeve openeing and with eight round nubs; on the top it says: Hennessy, never stop, never settle 2014; sleeve opening has a straight top line; emblem right below; above the opening: very special; red, purple, aubergine, yellow

2015; sleeve opening is straight on top; rightbelow it says '250'; orange, blue, green and pink

'40%vol e 20cl' stated; drink me chilled 200ml Drink me chilled, bottle with series of sleeves: the colour of the sleeve changes when chilled, it becomes darker blue (2016) 200ml; Experience the chill. The colour of the vine leaves and the word 'chill' changes when chilled Same as previous, but now chilled Stated is: Travel retail e20cl.

Sleeve G-Straw raw Sleeve G-Straw raw, different colours and 'Hennessy' stated beneath G-Star Raw ClassiVm; Asian characters underneath; 20cl ClassiVm; Asian characters underneath; 20cl not stated

3. Hip flasks

8 oz, stated at bottom      4.5 oz 8 oz 3oz hip flask 9 oz, stated at the bottom 6 oz. 6 oz. 50ml hip flask 5 0z, 148ml 4 oz 8 oz XO, 6oz 5 oz XO, 5oz XO, 5-6oz, 177ml 8 0z, 237ml 11,5 x 7cm

4. Barrels, canons and other

Green cask, vsop réserve:

VSOP Réserve Cognac, grande fine champagne stated is: established in 1795 stated is: established in 1795; Asian import Grande Réserve VSOP; 40° G.L.; capacidade Lit. 0,945 with a Spanish duty seal (est. 1970s) Grandel Reserve VSOP; ALC 40% and INH. 0.945Liter stated     Grande Réserve VSOP, 40° and 0,945L stated Grande Reserve VSOP, Produce of France; 94,5cl inh. stated on the back; imported by Chassart, Belgium

Gold cask:

Gold cask, Napoléon Gold cask, Napoléon; without the address line and the instructions  Gold Cask Bras d'Or

Wooden casks:

6L barrel, XO, HKDNP VSOP in wooden cask VSOP in wooden cask, with paper seal on top VSOP in wooden cask, variant Wooden barrel for a VSOP bottle (1969, stated inside of cap)

Porcelain casks:

Porcelain (Bernardaud Limoges) cask, Napoleon, 70cl (1980s) Porcelain cask

Dame Jeanne: Dame de la Richonne

La Dame de la Richonne VSOP (1980s)


Bras Armé in coaster


70cl VSOP reserve (click to see box) 70cl, probably Napoleon 70cl canon, VSOP privilege

5. Other specials (mini)

Mini cask of Limoges porcelain

Bras armé Full bottle (750ml) Full bottle (750ml) Full bottle (750ml) Full bottle (750ml)

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