Monnet Bottle Catalogue (last updated: May 18, 2024)

(310 bottles; only regular size bottles from 35cl and up and magnums, no miniatures)


The Monnet brand started as Société des Propriétaires Vinicoles de Cognac in 1838 when several independant winegrowers teamed up under the guidance of Pierre-Antoine de Salignac. The United Vineyard Proprietors of Cognac was its name in English. At the end of the century Louis de Salignac and Jean Gabriel Monnet had some serious disagreements which led Salignac to leave the company in 1897. Monnet became the general manager and four years later, after gaining the majority of the shares, the name was changed into J.G. Monnet. On some very old labels you can come across this name: Société des Propriétaires Viticoles de Cognac sous la raison J.G. Monnet (autrefois Salignac & Cie.).
Monnet choose the salamander for his logo, which was the emblem of King François I.
In the 1950s Monnet became official supplier of the Court of Sweden.
In 1962 his son Jean Monnet, well-known politicus and considered to be one of the founding fathers of the European Union, sold his company to Scharlachberg. After being handed down to Asbach & Co. and then Hennessy, Monnet found shelter at Hine, also in possession of Hennessy at that time. Next Hine, including Monnet, is sold to the CL group Trinidad in 2003 and finally to the French Nicolas family in 2013.


1. Stars
2. VS
3. VO and VSOP
4. Napoléon
5. XO and XXO
6. Anniversaire
7. Extra Réserve
8. Josephine
9. Limited editions and specials
10. Vintages
11. Decanters
12. Porcelain
13. Magnums

1. Stars

Three stars U.V.P.

Cognaçaises with Monnet not on a green background:

Italian import, 1950s (metal star seal) 7 Years Old, 75cl stated on the back, 41° (1950s) CL 73 indicated; with a metal star seal 100 cl indicated on the back; with a Sigillo Stella (1950s) 35cl, aged 7 years (1940s)

Dark green glass, US import (National Distillers Products Comp); est.: late 1930s 4/5 quart, with a paper seal on top (est. 1940s) 15 Years old 3stars cognac; US import, National Distillers Products Comp (pre WW-II)

Cognaçaises with Monnet printed on a green background:

Metal duty seal: sigillo Stella, 75cl embossed on the glass (Backside); 1950s Italian import (Fresia) 73cl and 41°, lower part of the label in a different colour; metal duty seal with five pointed star 1950s Italian import (Fresia & Figli) 73cl, 1960s Same as previous, but without a duty seal and gradi 40° Also without a duty seal and gradi 40°, but now cl 75  With text printed in red: 'distilled, produced and bottled in Cognac France under supervision of the French government'  Short label, said to be 75cl; screw cap (1960s)

Four star cognac, tall bottle Four star cognac Four star in clear glass bottle Four star cognac, half bottle (35cl?)

Said to be 75cl With 40° stated 40° indicated; clear glass and with an arrow on the capsule with text With 40%alc stated 75cl stated on the back; Wit 'mis en bouteille a Cognac' stated; Italian import, Fresia & Figli  Italian import (Gancia); 73cl stated (1960s) Same as previous, but more green label Longer capsule, darker glass and below is stated: Produit Français (1960s) 70cl (not stated), three stars in black; Monnet on a dark grey background; 'Produit Français'; (1970s) Three stars in black, Monnet on a dark grey background (1960s) with 40° indicated Three stars in black, Monnet on a dark grey background, 73cl; Italian import, Fresia & Figli Three stars in black, Monnet on a dark grey background, 73cl, screw cap 4/5 quart and 84°proof stated, imported by Munson G. Shaw & Co., New York 4/5 quart stated and 84°proof, imported by National Distillers products Company, New York (prob. before 1964) 4/5 quart stated and 84°proof, imported by National Distillers products Company, New York. With a screw cap and 3 stars on the capsule, shoulder embleme is not red (early 1970s) 3 star Tradition, half bottle (50cl?)  3 star Tradition, half bottle (35cl?)

Content not indicated (est. 1970s)

Three stars Tradition with Monnet on a green background;40%Vol and 700ml indicated; importé par Finjé Carp, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht (NL); est. 1970s Three stars Tradition with Monnet on a green background; it says low on the label: Monnet Le Grand Européen; importé par Finjé Caro, Utrecht (NL)

700ml stated on the right below 70cl, different capsule Italian import (Canelli), 700ml 1 Quart 1000ml indicated  Four star Tradition, 1L  four stars tradition half bottle 500ml four stars tradition half bottle (35 or 50cl)

Four stars Tradition (1L), stars are black and the oval with Monnet in it is the same colour as the rest of the label. Four star Tradition, 700ml e700ml Französisches Erzeugnis Four stars Tradition, e700ml; with a duty seal Four stars Tradition flask, 700ml

2. VS

VS (said to be 750ml) VS, the band with Monnet on it seems to be green VS, band in red VS, 1 Litre bottle

40%vol and 70cl stated on the front 40%vol and 70cl stated on the back 35cl 50cl flask

3. VO and VSOP

VO 70cl VO; 74 indicated (year?) VO with screw cap (1970s) Vieille Réserve VSOP 700ml stated

Not less than 24 fl.ozs (1970s) Fine champagne, greenish text on label; content not stated, around 70cl Fine champagne, greenish text on label; aquavite de vino stated; Italian import; 73cl Fine champagne, greenish text on label; Italian import; 73cl Fine champagne, brownish text on label; little difference in the capsule; Italian import; 73cl With a white capsule and produit Français stated underneath With a black capsule; Asian import (1980s) Fine champagne with Japanese text Grande Fine Champagne, 750ml (ca. 1985) 40%vol and e 700ml stated 700ml stated on the lower right (no 'e' sign) Grande Fine Champagne; e 700ml stated on the lower right Grande Fine Champagne, no salamander on the main label; e 700ml Grande Fine Champagne; e 700ml is printed nearer to 'Produce of France'; Französisches Erzeugnis

Cont. medio CL 73 Vsop, also stated on the capsule Vsop, also stated on the capsule; with 'mis en bouteille a cognac' stated On the capsule is the salamander depicted; 40° indicated On the capsule is the salamander depicted; and text: mise en bouteille a Cognac With 'Produit Français' underneath and on the back: Französisches Erzeugnis, Weinbrennerei Scharlachberg (1970s). 70cl, screw cap without 'produce of France' stated; Italian import by Fresia & Figli  35cl Content not stated (prob 50cl) 

VSOP, screw cap and emblem on capsule without a frame with 40° indicated, screw cap  73cl, Italian import by Gancia (1970s) screw cap

Not less than 24 floz, 30 UP (est 1960s) 70cl grande fine cognac; salamander attached to the black part of the label, black capsule 70cl grande fine cognac; salamander attached to the black part of the label, black capsule; Französisches Erzeugnis Salamander in gold, not attached to the black part of the label; gold coloured label; with a black capsule; 70cl e70cl stated; gold coloured capsule; Ausländisches Erzeugnis e70cl stated; gold coloured capsule; Ausländisches Erzeugnis (Austrian bottle) e0,7L, Französisches Erzeugnis 700ml stated 700ml stated; abv and content are placed higher on the label e700ml stated and with a paper top seal (est. 1970s) e700ml, Italian import; aquavite di Vino stated  1L bottle e 700ml; just 'Fine cognac ' stated 1L bottle 350ml stated 350ml stated

700ml, content not stated 700ml stated on the back; with Asian text. 700ml stated on the back; with Asian text; with 'roduce of France' stated on the main label below vsop  70cl (stated) VSOP, Italian import 70cl HKDNP, Japanese import 1L bottle, stated on the lower left but barely readable

Black capsule; 70cl stated on the back; UK import for Marks & Spencer Different capsule 750ml, stated 35cl Content not stated (35 or 50cl)

No content stated 70cl stated 750ml stated 50cl 35cl

4. Napoleon

700ml stated high on the label '700ml e' stated high on the label with a paper duty seal, Italian import by Savas (1980-90s) 'e 700ml' stated high on the label with a paper duty seal, Italian import by Savas (1980-90s) 'e 700ml' stated on the upper left side; Italian import (1980s) e 700 ml stated low on the label, brownish label 700ml, blackish label (1990s) e700ml (looks like 700 cl) stated low on the label; black label with white lines on lower part of label; with a paper duty seal

70cl Napoleon; Monnet is on the back

With text underneath: Très Ancienne Sélection, 500ml indicated (1970s)  750ml (est. early 1980s) 350ml 500ml

Green glass, 680ml stated in the lower left Content in lower right 700ml stated 700ml, with ausländisches erzeugnis on the back No content stated 1000ml stated  700ml indicated on the lower right; the base of the capsule has two golden bands with the emblem in between; and with a cotisation symbol printed (1980s) 700ml, Auslänisches Erzeugnis on the back; the base of the capsule has two golden bands with the emblem in between (1980s) 700ml Napoleon, Réserve Limité; Ausländisches Erzeugnis (end 1970s)  500ml 500ml indicated on the right side

5. XO and XXO

40%vol and 700ml stated at the upper edge of the label 40%vol and 700ml stated at the lower edge of the label  e700ml stated on the lower edge on the left side

70cl 70cl; additional neck label XO stated on shoulder label, 70cl XO with 'cognac' above it stated on shoulder label; main label little different from previous bottle

700ml (1980) 70cl, stated on the back  70cle indicated on the back; with a UK duty seal and UK units   XO, content and ABV not stated

XO, 2010s 70cle, different stopper

sept 2019

6. Anniversaire (produced from mid 1950s till 1980s)

(To commemorate the Anniversaire of the foundation 100 Years ago of the Shippers of Monnet Cognac this fine champagne cognac has been specially selected for its outstanding quality.)

without additional label below the main label:

Anniversaire in small print; 73cl not indicated; 70°Proof (1960s) 73cl, Anniversaire in small print; Italian import 50cl, not stated; Anniversaire in small print

No content or ABV stated; Anniversaire in large print; Monnet-part is attached to main label No content or ABV stated; Anniversaire in large print; Monnet-part is loose from the main label; Französisches Erzeugnis, Scharlachberg 40% stated 40° and 70 CL stated; Portuguese import by Lima Alves (1970s) 73cl stated, Italian import 73cl stated, Italian import, with a paper duty seal on top (est. early 1970s)  Producto Frances, 39° GL, Mexican import

with an additional label below the main label:

Invecchiamento 30 anni stated; 'Mise en bouteille a Cognac' stated on lower label; Italian import for Fresia & Figli 'Cont. medio cl 75' stated; 'Mise en bouteille a Cognac' stated on lower label 4/5 Quart 82 Proof indicated; US import (1950s)

No content stated, an additional label beneath with Fine Champagne; cognac in red print; Französisches Erzeugnis, German import, Weinbrennerei Scharlachberg, Bingen am Rhein 40% stated with additional label beneath; content not stated (said to be 750ml) 70 Proof and 24 FL OZS stated (1960-70s) 25 ozs stated; import by Léon Massoni, Melbourne 40% stated and on lower label: Cognac Französisches Erzeugnis on lower label: Cognac Französisches Erzeugnis; ABV not stated 4/5 quart and 80 proof stated; Shaw importers (1950s) Fine champagne stated on the lower label; cognac in red print; Französisches Erzeugnis on the back; 0.7L stated at the bottom (not shown here); 1970s  40° and 700ml stated; FCA 40%vol and e 700ml stated; FCA; Italian import by SAVAS Same as previous, but with a paper duty seal (1970s) Same as previous, but without the neck label (1970s) 750ml Anniversaire, modern logo, bronze coloured capsule; 25.4 fl oz stated; Italian import  'Mise en bouteille a Cognac' stated on lower label; content not stated (est. 1960s) The red shoulder blob look bi-coloured; 73 cl stated on the back; Italian import for F. LLI Gancia & C. S.A.V.A.S.-S.p.A., Canelli 'Mise en bouteille a Cognac' stated on lower label; 73cl stated on back; Italian import for Fresia & Figli 39% G.L.; content not stated; Mexican import for Pedrages Y Cia 40% G.L.; content not stated; Mexican import for Pedrages Y Cia

700ml stated; Luxembourg import 700ml e stated (1980s) 700ml e stated; Italian import 700ml, with a cotisation symbol (1980s)

7. Extra Réserve

Récolte 1848 written on the label 1858 written on the label Waxed cap Red waxed cap, Französisches Erzeugnis (bottled 1967) Est. 1960s 75cl stated on the back, ABV not indicated on the front; Italian import by Fresia & Figli Longer label with text 'mise en bouteille a Cognac'

8. Josephine

With 500ml stated in the upper right corner of the label (1970s) With content in ML and Fl.oz. in upper right corner (750ml)

700ml stated right of the photo of Josephine; 40% stated on lower label 700ml stated right of the photo of Josephine; 40% not stated 700ml and 40% stated on lower label 700ml and 40% stated on lower label; with an Asian Duty Free sticker Content not stated (said to be 700ml); 1970s 70 proof and 24 fl ozs stated 73cl Italian import (SAVAS); 1960-70s

9. Limited editions and specials

Old bottle (1800s) Centenary of the Cognac Society (ca 1950) Old bottle, fine champagne; qualité unknown (est 1900-1920s) 3 stars, Medicinal; Distillate for pure medicinal use according to the British Pharmacopoeia of 1898. Monnet Salamandre

Monnet's Century, 100 years old grande fine champagne Prince Réserve, Asian import Prince Reserve 1970s, with an Asian sticker on the neck Prince Reserve 1970s, with an Asian sticker on the neck and the salamander in red. 4/5 Quart Regal (1960-70s); US Import by Munson Shaw Co, New York

Four stars, Le Club, 700ml Four stars, Le Club, 700ml, Französisches Erzeugnis Four stars, Le Club, e70cl and with a screw cap (Italian import) Le Club Select, VS; Französisches Erzeugnis Four stars Le Club VS, 70cl 70cl e Le Club VS with red label and capsule Le Club VS with red label and capsule; content and ABV differ Le Club VS, 700ml (1980s) Le Club VS, 1L Le Grand Européen (still looking for a better photo) VSOP, Michael Carding (1960s) 50cl Le Club VS

Three stars Regal, 70cl, not indicated (1970s) Three stars Regal; stated is: 30 UP and not less than 24 FL OZS  Regal 73cl Regal, Italian import (SAVAS) (1970s)  Looks like Regal is on there, but very faint 80 Proof and 4/5 Quart indicated; US import (est. 1970s)  Very very light, imported by Munson G. Shaw, New York; 4/5 quart and 80 proof stated on the left and right edge of the label (1965) VO, 70cl

special europe, 700ml Vieille Réserve (est. 1960s) 70cl Capiello, du soleil dans un verre, hand painted (1960s)

50cl XO. Offert par le BNIC ti the Bureau du Parlement Européen

Parzac 70cl Réserve Limitée, grande and petite champagne (estim. 1980s)  Sunshine Sélection (VS quality)

10. Vintages

1858, United Vineyard Proprietors; ca. 1900 Recolte 1848, Extra Réserve Récolte 1858 Extra Réserve 1858 with text in red: mise en bouteille a Cognac (oblique)  1858 La Salamandre 1858; Great Britain printed on the upper left of the label  1865; Great Britain printed on the upper left of the label 1869, label has vanished 1875

11. Decanters

Napoleon, 750ml; click to read card with text 750ml, quality (XO) not indicated on the bottle (it is on the box)

700ml VSOP 700ml VSOP, with an Asian sticker 700ml, both Asian stickers have different text 700ml; In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of ...

Salamandre Napoleon 750ml

Réserve Limitée; e0,7L Réserve Limité, different shoulder emblem; e0,7L (1991)

700ml Napoleon, Extra Aged, black capsule 700ml Extra Aged, black capsule; extra word just before Cognac France 700ml Extra Aged Reserve Limité  700ml Extra Aged Reserve Limité with Japanese characters on the neck 700ml Extra Aged; bronze coloured capsule 700ml Extra Aged, Monnet in smaller letters than Napoleon

Josephine decanter, 700ml Tres Vieille, Josephine, 700ml

Renaissance Baccarat 750ml (1960s-1970s) Renaissance with a pepr duty seal (1960s)

700ml XO 700ml XO; ageing of the label? 700ml XO Different colour of capsule (or fadding of the colour? look at back side), 700ml (not stated) 700ml XO, different colour of capsule and with a cotisation symbol

Extra Belle Réserve:

750ml Extra Belle Réserve; click to see details (from an other bottle)

Joséphine Extra Belle Reserve, 700ml, green glass  Joséphine Extra Belle Reserve, green glass, 700ml, HKDNP

Joséphine Extra Belle Reserve, 700ml, clear glass Joséphine Extra Belle Reserve, 700ml, clear glass; with Asian text Josephine Extra Belle Réserve, 700ml; extra belle in small lettres

Josephine Extra Belle Réserve, 750ml, 40% stated (1960-70s) Same as previous, but with a Japanese sticker on the back side of the foot Josephine Extra Belle Réserve, 750ml, 80 proof (40%) stated (1960-70s) Same as previous bottle, bit this seemingly US bottle has a 'Französisches Erzeugnis' sticker  Josephine Extra Belle Réserve, 24 fl oz (1960-70s) On the bottom is Asian text and 700ml is crossed out and replaced by 750ml

12. Porcelain

White porcelain XO Blue porcelain XO

13. Magnums

4.62L VSOP 1.4L VSOP Magnum, only 40° indicated  Magnum VSOP (content nor ABV indicated) Anniversaire, 3L stated


Monnet bottle catalog — 29 reacties

  1. Hi,
    First of all – fantastic website 🙂

    I recently found a (see pic)beautiful Monnet bottle – a hand painted J.G. Monnet Du Soleil dans un verre / Décor Cappiello – but I don´t know much about it and wonder if you do?

    Is it rare, what decade is it from, is it a blend or regional, taste characters, valuable, drinkable???

    Please give any info you may have! 🙂

    Best regards and big thanks!!
    //Magnus Ersman

    • Thanks for the compliments.

      This is a difficult bottle to judge. It is said to be from the 1960s, so most likely from after the sale of the company to Scharlachberg (in 1962).
      The painting on the bottle was designed much earlier, in the 1920s. The cognacs were mostly blends of the 4 best crus. I expect this one as well.
      I don’t know much about the Monnet bottles because there really isn’t that much information available. But as far as I know (I’m not 100% sure), this one contains cognacs that have aged for a long time. It should be fine if it has been kept standing upright.
      I’m afraid Monnet bottles don’t sell particularly well and bottles from before the 1960s sell better than those after.
      This one isn’t seen much, so it’s hard to tell and you have to get lucky at an auction with people willing to bid.
      I think anything between €80 and €150 would be reasonable to expect, although it is probably worth more.

      Best regards,

  2. Best regards! I have a couple of bottles of previously unknown cognac. What is known about this brand and what is its value?

  3. Hello,
    I was recently given a Monnet Club Select VS unopened bottle. Would you know when those where produced? And what’s its worth? I can’t find much information about it online. Many thanks

    • Monnet Club Select is the lowest quality of Monnet cognac. I suppose the label has a black oval with the name Monnet in it?
      They were in production around 1980s, maybe even 1990s. Price would have been €30-40 and if you would be looking to buy one in an auction, that still will be what you have to pay, maybe €50.
      Monnet is a good quality cognac, so although VS is the lowest quality, you probably can still drink it straight. (From the 1980s, US and three-star cognacs are usually made to be drunk with ice or in a mixture with cola, orange juice or similar).

  4. Hi,

    I picked up a bottle of JG Monnet VVL at an auction a couple of weeks ago, I’ve found it in your library:

    I wondered whether you’ve tried this? I have a good friend who is into his Cognac and was thinking of giving it as a gift for Christmas. Do you think he would appreciate it or will I look like silly because it is poor quality?

    Thank you for your opinion.

    • I haven’t tried this, but VVL is the lowest grade, comparable with 3 stars and VS. It is not meant to drink straight, but to be mixed, for instance with cola or orange jus or so.
      So I am afraid he wouldn’t appreciate it very much…

    • Hello Pascal,

      There is not much information to be found about the Anniversaire bottle of Monnet. I still don’t know when the first bottles were produced exactly (I think end of the 1950s), but I did found out that it was to celebrate 100th anniversary of the founding of the Shippers of Monnet Cognac. I added the text on the Monnet bottle page now. This text is also to be found on the neck label of some of the bottles. I have one on the catalog page, the 7th bottle of the series with an additional label attached to the main label.
      The cognac inside is said to be 30 years of age. Monnet gave this bottle to several of his friends and business relations. Monnet continued to produce this bottle for quite some time. Maybe only the bottles from the first year had the label with the explanatory text on the neck label.
      The value is a bit disappointing. They sell usualy for under €100. The reason is probably that there are not many Monnet collectors around. With the nice presentation box and glasses, you might expect something more.
      Kind regards,

  5. I have a bottle of Monnet’s Contury 100 year old grande fine champagne. The bottle is numbered 70 which is etched in the bottom. Any information would be appreciated. Jeff

    • A picture would be helpful.
      The 70 on the bottom would be the content I presume.
      I’ll send an e-mail to facilitate sending a picture.

      • Thanks for the pictures. I stand corrected: 70 is indeed the bottle number.
        I haven’t seen this bottle before, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was bottled in 1938 for their 100 year anniversary.
        I have a friend I can ask, but I don’t know if he will know.

  6. Greetings, I recently purchased a Monnet Anniversaire. The most interesting thing is that there is no information anywhere about the aging of this cognac. Help with this question.

    • Hello,

      You can read everywhere that these bottles were produced in the 1950-60s. They were to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the foundation of Monnet. I can not think of a year they were thinking of, because 100 year anniversary would have been 1938, not somewhere in the 1950-60s. It is grande champagne cognac. We don’t know how long it has aged because Monnet never revealed this as far as I know. It is not a vintage, so probably a blend of several different years. I have never tasted it, but I have heard it is good cognac.
      I am not 100% sure but I think the average age of this cognac was older than their XO quality.
      If someone else knows more, I love to hear it.


  7. Hello, a good friend gave me a bottle of MONNET XO, it is the same one as the one pictured under 11 DECANTERS, it is in the second row, sixth one from left. The clear bottle with red labels. I cannot find any info, how old is it? What is it worth? The bottle is unopened. So if you could give me the info, I will make a decision if I should drink it or not. I live in Toronto, Canada. Thank You in advance.

    • Although personally I think these are very beautiful bottles, they are usually sold for around €75. Not much seen in Europe, more of them in Asia (Japan). I am not sure when they were produced, that’s why I didn’t put add a date on my page. On one auction they said 1990s. But these ‘allegations’ are often just a best guess.
      I also don’t know how long the cognac has aged in casks. But Nicolas Faith wrote in one of his books about the XO: little rancio, very agreable, good value. Not sure which XO he tasted…
      So, my advice: drink it. You won’t be disappointed.
      Kind regards,

    • This one must be the predecessor of the tapered Regal bottles, which are under nr. 9 ‘Limited editions’. So it is from the 1960s, maybe early 1970s. I have not seen this one before, so thank you for bringing it to my attention. The Regal is a young cognac, aged only a few years before being bottled. This looks to be an empty bottle so its worth is not much. If it was a full bottle it would probably sell between €40-60.
      I would like to have a better picture of it, so I will mail you and hope you will oblige.

  8. Dear,
    I am so sorry to disturb you.
    I am live in Taipei, Taiwan, and I am interested in some products (Porcelain Blue Xo and Chateau Paulet Blue) of this website.
    Are they on sale or just sharing the information?
    If you want to sell, please let me know.
    And hope to get your reply soon, good luck to you.
    From Aday yang, Sept 5th, 2020

  9. Érdekel, hogy az 5.C.O első képén lévő ital milyen évjáratú, lehet-e kapni és mennyibe kerül.

    Je suis intéressé de savoir quel millésime de la photo 5.C.O est le millésime que vous pouvez obtenir et combien cela coûte.

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