De Luze Bottle Catalogue (last updated Jan 10, 2024)

(222 bottles from 35cl and up, but still incomplete)

De Luze was founded by Alfred De Luze in 1822 as a wine and spirits company and only started producing cognac in 1862, when they bought the Domaine de Chaigne near Touzac. They are best known for the shape of their bottles, like bowling pins. The emblem is a shield with two wolves. Recently they changed that to just a wolf.
In 1927 De Luze received the Royal
Warrant for his cognac by King Christian X of Denmark. It can be seen on many of his older bottles.
They have always made fine champagne cognacs. Only recently have they expanded their range to include a more traditional blend that contains borderies as well.
They sold the company in 1980 to Rémy Martin and in 2006, it was Boinaud who bought the brand back from them to start a new. Boinaud als produces Dupont and Naulin cognac (not represented here).
Most of their cognacs are fine champagne (over 50% grande champagne, supplemented with petite champagne).


Old and new logo.



1. Stars and bottles without an age statement
2. VS
3. VO, VSO and VSOP
4. Reserve Royale
5. Napoleon
6. XO
7. Extra
8. Vintages
9. Decanters
10. Limited editions
11. Magnums

1. Stars and bottles without an age statement

3 stars Cognaçaise (not sure, possibly 3 stars quality) Grand fine champagne; no VSOP is indicated, so maybe it is an other quality Grand Cognac Fine Champagne (70cl) with 42° indicated

Three crowns (1940s) 42° indicated in the lower left  ABV not indicated on the front; ABV and 73cl stated on the back; Italian import (1960s) Italian import, with importer data on the label 73CL, Italian import by I.L.A. (1960s)

70cl indicated (1970s) 70cl indicated; with a duty strip on top  70cl, not indicated (1970s) 70cl, not indicated; Französisches Erzeugnis (1970s) 100cl indicated; in the upper left: Duty Free Sales Only

70cl, black capsule; three stars also on the shoulder 70cl, black capsule and an emblem on the shoulder of the Danish Royal Warrant 100cle (1980s) 35cl indicated

2. VS

VS, US import

70cl, not indicated (1970s) 700ml indicated 70cl e indicated; Italian bottle (1980s) 750ml (1980s) 35cl

70cl, not indicated on the front 750ml, indicated on the back  1L, stated on the back side; after 2006 750ml; "cognac fine champagne" printed 375ml flask


70cl, indicated on the back side  1L bottle  35cl   50cl flask

70cl VS, fine champagne 35cl, fine champagne  375ml flask, fine champagne

70cl, indicated on the back 1L bottle 50cl flask 50cl PET flask

70cl 1L bottle 35cl

70cl (2020s) 750ml 35cl 375ml indicated

70cl (2022) 70cl, the wolf is massive (not in outline) 100cl 35cl (2022) 50cl Pet flask 50cl Pet flask; blaack capsule and three text lines below

3. VO, VSO and VSOP

VO and VSO:



No content indicated, 70cl (est. 1950-60s) 72 CTL indicated (est. 1950-60s) 73CL indicated, Italian import (est. 1950s) Also 73 CL indicated and Italian import by CIGA (1960s)

Different colour of capsule (70cl) 70CTL and 40° indicated With 'Produce of France' indicated; Japanese import, 700ml 70cl indicated; also stated: Jarnac!

Content not indicated, cognaçaise bottle; probably 70cl 1960s

No content or ABV indicated (70cl) 40%vol and 70cl indicated; Portuguese import 40%vol and 70cl indicated; no emblem on the neck, with a duty strip on top 40%vol and 68cl (1970s) 70cle (end 1970s) 70cle, without an emblem on the shoulder (end 1970s) 70cl e indicated; no shoulder emblem; with an EAN (1980s) with an Asian sticker on the neck; on the back: 700ml  35cl Different cap and with a Portuguese duty seal

70cle (1980s) With a black capsule and Asian sticker around the neck

70cl (1980s) 70cl, with an Italian duty seal (ca. 1980)  70cle (1980-90s) 100cl bottle, with a cordon around the neck

70cl, not indicated 750ml  1L bottle  375ml flask

70cl indicated on the back side (2000s) 1L bottle  With Boinaud 'B' to the left of VSOP (The silvery 1822 must be a reflection)  35cl, indicated on the back  50cl pet flask

1L, text on capsule in black

70cl, "cognac fine champagne" 70cl "fine champagne" 1L 35cl

70cl, fine champagne cognac on two lines; (ca. 2010-2011) 70cl, fine champagne cognac on one line 1L bottle 35cl  50cl pet flask

70cl (2020s)  750ml, indicated 35cl

70cl (2022) 35cl (I havn't seen a front side yet) 50cl Pet flask


4. Reserve Royale

Reserve Royal, 70cl  Reserve Royal, A. de Luze & Fils printed lower on the label; Italian import  Reserve Royal, different label; Italian import (estim. 1970s)


5. Napoleon

70cl indicated 

Napoleon, also printed on the band just above the foot On the band just above the feet is printed: A. de Luze et Fils; Asian import 70cl indicated on the lower left 70cle and 40% indicated on the back of the neck; with a paper duty seal  40%Alc/Vol indicated; with a number in a square (B280; probably South-African bottle) and 'produced and bottled in France' printed 40%vol and 70cl indicated; and 'Importé par Ritschard and Cie S.A. Interlaken' printed  Different colour of label and neck  With an Asian sticker on the front and also on the back


6. XO

Italian import by ILA


Content (70cl) and ABV stated on the side of the neck  0,7L; Italian import (Bologna) 0,7L; Italian import (Milano); stated is: Non disperdere il vetro nell'ambiente  700ml, Asian bottle 750ml and 40%Alc/Vol indicated  Neck label has a different colour, 700ml

Label has different colour and is smaller; 70cl indicated on the neck  Label has different colour and is smaller; different colour of neck; 70cl (indicated); with additional text

XI fine cognac, 70cl 70cl XO Très Vieille Réserve 1L XO Très Vieille Réserve

70cl and 40%alc/vol indicated 70cl on the back; back side has a green point symbol 100cl indicated 70cl and 40%vol indicated on the back; different label and neck 100cl indicated on the back

70cl indicated on the back side 70cl; with an EAN on the back   750ml indicated on the back side Said to be a 1 Litre bottle  70cl indicated on the back; XO is larger; long cap

XO is printed lower on the bottle; short cap (said to be 2021)   1L bottle 50cl indicated on the back side

50cl  Cognac indicated twice (above and below XO) 50cl 50cl

With new logo of wolf, 70cl 50cl 70cl  50cl bottle

7. Extra

70cl  750ml, indicated; with an appellation line below 750ml, indicated; without an appellation line below


8. Vintages

1820 1840 1848 1850 1854 1854, different colour of glass and capsule (est. early 1900s) 1868 1870 1874 1878 1880 1884 (est. 1930s) 1884 with Bordeaux indicated

1893 cognaçaise

1966 (three stars)

9. Decanters

Baccarat decanter  With a Spanish duty seal on top; 70cl (1980s)  Different neck

L'Infini, St. Louis cristal L´empreinte (2018, part des anges)

10. Limited editions


Extra Old  1L Special tribute to Norway, VSOP 100cl, Spécial Tribute to Norway (2020s) Generations Generations (2013); without the name on the shoulder emblem Extra, featured in La Part des Anges auction of 2012 Gentry, 1L (2020s)  Single cask, 50cl (2020) CDL, 70cl (est. 2010)


50cl Christmas edition 50cl Christmas edition (2015) 50cl Christmas edition


Alfred de Luze


Imperial gard, voltigeur, 50cl (1970s) Imperial gard, cuirassier, 50cl (1970s) Imperial gard, hussard (50cl) Imperial gard, chevau-léger (50cl) Imperial gard, grenadier (50cl) Imperial gard, chasseur à cheval (50cl)

200th anniversary of the French Revolution, 70cl  Diplomatic bag Diplomatic bag, 70cl


1886-1986 (1985, 70cl) Bernardaud Limoges porcelain


11. Magnums

Magnum, fine champagne (1950s) Magnum, XO (1960s)

Magnum VS 3L VS (you can buy the 3L in Norway, but the photo here is from a 70cl bottle)

Magnum VS 3L VSOP (you can buy the 3L in Norway, but the photo here is from a 70cl bottle)

150cl 3L VSOP (you can buy the 3L in Norway, but the photo here is from a 70cl or a 150cl bottle)

Several 24L bottles:

(2017) for 24 generations De Luze (or Boinaud) Napoleon Reserve with 1822 (year of establishment) on the shoulder




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