Meukow Bottle Catalogue (last updated Jan 17, 2022)

(228 bottles and 153 miniatures, but still incomplete)

Meukow was established in 1862 by two brothers Meukow who were sent to France by the Russian Tsar Alexander II to supply the Russian court with cognacs. It was for a long time a family-run business until financial difficulties arose at the end of the 1960s.  In 1979 Meukow was bought by Michel Coste of the CCG-group who revitalized the company and who also designed the new and now famous panther-logo for Meukow in 1995.


1. Stars and no quality stated
2. VS and Black Panther
3. VSO and VSOP
4. Napoléon
5. XO
6. Diamond
7. Cordon D’Or
8. Nec Plus Ultra and NPU VRXO
9. Extra
10. Vintages
11. Various old cognacs
12. Palm d’Or
13. Rarissime
14. Limited editions
–14a. Arima and VS
–14b. 90 Proof
–14c. VSOP Limited editions
–14d. Various
–14e. Porcelain
15. Decanters
16. Magnums
17. Miniatures (up to 50cl)
–17a. No age indication
–17b. Stars
–17c. VS and black panther
–17d. Réserve, VSO and VSOP
–17e. Nap
–17f. XO
–17g. Cordon d’Or
–17h. NPU
–17i. old
–17j. vintage
–17k. other
–17l. 20-50cl bottles

1. Stars

Only partle photographed (est. early 20th c) Pre WW-II bottle, one star; (estimated 1930s); this bottle never had a shoulder label (I have seen several others like this) 3 stars (est. 1900) Three stars 5 Stars, South Asian import by Guthrie & Co. (1950s)   Fine champagne  5 stars  5 Stars, dark glass  5 stars, clear glass  5 stars with 70cl and 40% on it 5 stars with only 40% on it 700ML, 5 stars are replaced by De Luxe

2. VS en Black Panther

VS, no alcohol percentage or content stated  Differs in details in the panther (see teeth, eye and shoulder-neck transition)  Again diferences in ear and teeth 750ML stated 1L bottle

More stylized panther, e70cl stated on the back (2020) 700ml stated on the back More stylized panther, 750ML 1L, not stated

VS Black Panther cognac, 700ml Asian import  VS Black Panther cognac; more detailed ear, eye and teeth; longer snout

3. VSO and VSOP

VSO   VSOP (shoulder label fell off) VSOP, Französisches Erzeugnis (est 1960s) With 'Produce of France' stated below cognac  VSOP, 70cl stated on the back, Asian import (1970s) 750cc VSOP (1970s) Different shoulder label, screw cap

VSOP 70cl old style bottle VSOP 70cl (not stated) old style bottle, with a see through sticker on the neck VSOP 70cl (not stated) old style bottle, 700ml stated on the back VSOP 70cl (not stated) old style bottle, 0.7 stated on the back

VSOP no content or alcohol percentage stated; darkblue cap e70cl VSOP, dark cap, different eye, more detailed drawing; (from early 2000s on) VSOP, black cap; longer snout, shorter ear  70cl VSOP, brown cap; very different drawing of the panther  750ml (stated on front and back)  700ml Asian import (see back side); above Meukow is a sticker, probably with Asian characters VSOP 750ml and 40%Alc/Vol stated; blue cap 1L VSOP Superior  1 Liter bottle (no 'superior' stated) With a VSOP Superior sticker, 70cl With a VSOP Superior sticker and an Asian sticker on the neck, 700ml stated on the back  Asian import, 70cl stated On the VSOP Superior sticker is also stated: produce of France; Asian import, 0.7L stated (looks smaller but photographed from above)

4. Napoleon

Napoleon, grande fine cognac, conten not stated; emblem of eagle in the shoulder blob 70cl stated; 'napoleon' on he label has more colour; the emblem in the blob has come off Napoleon (1970s), paper shoulder label; without 'Napoleon' on the glass above the label.  40%vol and 70cl stated volume not stated (70cl stated on the bottom)  Napoleon 1980s; 40%Vol and 70 cl stated, Japanese import 40%vol and 70cl stated; Asian import  Napoleon, 0,7L stated on the back; Japanese import With a Taiwanese Duty Free sticker and different back side Taiwanese import, duty free, 1982 Napoleon, 0,7L stated on the back; label more red; Japanese import, different back  Napoleon, green label; 40%Vol and 70cl (not stated)

Napoleon, dark green glass  Napoleon, dark green glass; ear, eye and mouth seem to be connected   Napoleon, brown cap  Napoelon, dark glass; Asian characters  Napoleon, Asian characters; much darker panther Napoleon, yellow cap; Asain characers Napoleon, ligh green glass; with asian characters Napoleon, light green glass; Asian characters; slight differences in the panther

5. XO

XO, green neck; 40% and 70cl stated; XO at the end of the ribbon has fallen off 70cl stated; dark blue neck no alcohol or volume stated XO, dark neck; 70cl stated on the right

The bottle with the panther was designed in 1993:

70cl, Portuguese import. Probably one of the first in this kind of bottle. Capsule is orange with Meukow cognac printed horizontally; sadly there was no one picture of the whole bottle (1990s)

Red with gold cap, short snout; 70cl, stated on the back   Red with gold cap, more relief than previous; Japanese characters on the neck  Red with gold cap, the ear touches the outline of the panther 750ml and 40% alc/vol stated  Red cap  Brown and gold cap  orange brown cap; round, short snout  Light brown cap  Same as previous?  Brown with a little orange cap; front paw higher of the ground  Brown cap, slit-eye   Brown cap; eye in between round and slit-eye e70cl; more pronounced wrinkles (2020)  1L bottle  XO grande champagne, 70cl  Silver capsule  Silver capsule and Duty Free Sales stated Grande champagne stated above the panther; XO is almost solid, 2020 Without the word 'cognac' between XO and grande champagne; 70cl

6. Diamond

700ml, stated on the back; Asian import  Diamond, blue label; with Asian characters on a see-through sticker on the neck and on the back On the back label it is called 'Napoleon'  With a different stopper 70cl Diamond XO; golden neck; the back has a cotisation symbol (1980s) Diamond XO, golden neck; without the cotisation symbol on the back

7. Cordon d’Or

750ml Cordon d'Or with 20 Years Old stated; import by Lichtma * Co, Syracuse N.Y. Cordon d'Or, with 40% stated (1950s-1960s) Cordon d'Or, imported by Hua Kok Realty, Singapore With 4/5 quart and 80 proof on it (in over-exposed part; click to see detail)   Without content or alcohol percentage stated Cordon d'Or, Extra Age; content and ABV stated very small (1970s); on the back: 0,70L and Französisches Erzeugnis. Cordon d'Or, Extra Age; different colour of the capsule and no content or ABV stated (1970s)

8. Nec Plus Ultra and NPU VRXO

Nec Plus Ultra NPU with 40% underneath stated NPU, 72cl with 38 40 stated NPU, imported by Wines Unlimited, New Orleans (1960s)  Only part of the bottle. With the owner Shepherd & Co. stated Different model bottle; 1912, for the 50th anniversay of Meukow NPU Imperiale, 69cl/24 Floz "E" and 70 proof stated NPU Imperiale, no content or ABV stated On the capsule is a logo NPU Imperiale with a paper seal on top (1980s)

VRXO NPU Brown label and brown neck; Asian import, 75cl stated on back; 1984 VRXO NPU Brown label and brown neck; Asian import with a Duty Free sticker, 75cl stated on back; 1984 Front is the same, but content and ABV little different on the back ('75cl'); 1986  VRXO NPU with red label and dark neck  VRXO NPU green label VRXO NPU, brown stopper; Singapore import; 75cl stated at the bottom VRXO NPU, brown stopper; Singapore import; 75cl on the back (1985) With NPU differently stated and with 'grande champagne' on it; brown label With a duty free sticker, Taiwan import With NPU differently stated and with 'grande champagne' on it; green label, bleu bottle   35cl

Nec Plus Ultra in a deviant bottle

9. Extra

  1980s Extra, 70cl and 40%vol stated (1980s) Extra without volume or ABV stated

  With 750ml and 40%alc/vol stated  750ml stated; no cord; panther is less detailed and skinnier    Different stopper Extra horizontally (2020) 700ml Extra, different packaging (Asian)

10. Vintages

Ancienne Marque 1789, With Meukow in big letters on top of label  Ancienne Marque 1789  1889, Le Drapeau no.6; 100 year anniversary of the French Revolution  Ancienne Marque 1811 Grande Champagne no.12 Ancienne Marque 1842 Grande Champagne no. 7 (70cl)  1964 Black cap  1964 Gold coloured cap  1965 Black cap  1965 Gold coloured cap   1970 Black cap  1970 Gold coloured cap  1978

(see also Palme d’Or)

11. Various old cognacs

Reserve Fine Champagne 25 ans d'age (1920s; 1929 is written by hand) Fine Champagne 25 ans d'age (1920s; 1930 is written by hand)  Fine Champagne, different capsule and without neck label (possibly also 25 ans d'age)  Cordon Rouge, 40 ans d'age (est. 1950s) Extra Vieille (estim. 1950s)

12. Palm d’Or

Palm d'Or petite champagne 1978; Anne Sarteaux, Maître de Chai, Cellar Master Palm d'Or petite champagne 1988; 700ml and 53%ALC/VOL stated Palm d'Or petite champagne 1988; content and ABV on the back: 70cl and 53%Vol. Palm d'Or, Rarissimé; signed: Anne Sarteaux, Maître de Chai, Cellar Master (700ml and 40%ALC/VOL stated) 70cl, not stated on the front

13. Rarissime

Rarissime 1937 Borderies Meukow rarissime (1960s), red cap  Rarissimé Très Vieux, black cap. Text: partie d'un lot de deux demi muids de c/s très vieux venant de la distillerie de Mont Voyer dont on a tiré seul-t 600 bouteilles Different text on lower label: conserve discrètement dans le Paradis Meukow, le Rarissime revèle nos plus vieilles eaux-de-vie embouteillés disertement au degré relevé dans leurs fûts de vieillissement Rarissimé Très Vieux, yellow cap  Rarissimé Très Vieux, Yellow cap, with paper seal (1970s) With a cotisation mark   With a cotisation mark on the other side; these bottles in wooden box have no second label underneath (I have seen several) With a cotisation mark on the left, as a sticker; with a second label below With a Japanese sticker on the neck and on the back, 700ml; the closure is also just a little different.

14. Limited editions

14a Arima and VS

Arima VSOP, 70cl stated on the back; and a pregnancy pictogram as weel as a green point  Arima VSOP, 70cl stated on the back; and a green point 70cl, with a aper duty seal; on the back: Malaysian text Arima VSOP 750ml stated  750ml VS Black Panther, limited edition (2019) e70cl content stated on the back Without the words 'Special Quality'; 750ml

14b 90 Proof

70cl, 45%vol 700ml, 45%alc/vol 700ml, 45%alc/vol; different paws  750ml, 45%alc/vol  750ml, Meukow stated above 90, US import Content not stated (US bottle)

14c. VSOP limited editions

VSOP Red, limited edition, 70cl (2019) VSOP Red, limited edition with a paper duty seal on top, 70cl, Malaysian import 750ml 750ML stated 1L bottle Red capsule, clear bottle, e100cl stated; with a recycle symbol and a pregnancy warning symbol on the back 1L bottle, red capsule, clear bottle, with a recycle symbol on the back VSOP superior copper limited edition (70cl, 2019) 70cl Copper edition, much more stylized 700ml gold bottle, volume not stated 70cl, with a duty seal VSOP Superior, Exclusive Edition, Dubai Duty Free; 70cl 1L gold bottle, volume not stated 1L bottle with a duty seal 1L bottle, Asian import

14d. Various

150th anniversary for Meukow (2012)  To commemorate the Exposition Universelle de Paris 1900 (1990)

XO Ice (2022)

14e Porcelain

700ml Napoleon  70cl

15. Decanters

Nec Plus Ultra, 750ml Different neck   (Re-)fill bottle for the NPU With a black capsule  Esprit de Famille text in French: maison fondé en 1862

Éternité, specially made for the 2016 'La Part des Anges'

16. Magnums

3L VS 3L VS, bicoloured stopper 1750ML VS

170ML VSOP 3L VSOP  3L VSOP, different shape and colour of cap

3L XO (stated on back side) 3L XO, red and gold capsule 3L (not stated) 1.75L

Magnum Cordon d'Or Magnum Cordon d'Or, different colour of wax is used Cordon rouge, magnum; volume not stated (1950s)  1.5L Rarissimé borderies 1937  Magnum Rarissime Très Vieux (made for the Part des Anges 2013)

1.75L Black Panther 3L VSOP Superior in a golden stand 3L VSOP Superior in a black stand 1.5L IcOne (2012)  6L Palme d'Or, one off made for Part des Anges (2014)

17. Miniatures

17a. No age indication

Fine champagne Grande champagne Grande champagne? No?

17b. Stars

Two stars grande champagne 3cl, 3 star, 70 proof  10 years old  3cl, 3 stars different cap and with extra text underneath 3cl Sélection, 3 stars 3 stars 5cl, slighly different cap 5cl, slightly different cap  3 stars, different cap 3 stars, different cap 5cl different cap  3 stars, different cap  With 40% in red underneath 5cl, slightly different cap  Without 'Meukow' in big letters above main label; extra text under 'Meukow' (negociants cognac ...)  Blue label  Withe medals on top of label 3 stars, different neck label  Slender bottle Different neck label  Four stars

17c. VS and black panther

VS  5cl VS; content stated on the back (left)  5cl VS, content not stated; lot of text on the back with a vertival ean bar 5cl VS; 50ml stated on front with number on back; horizontal ean barcode; outlines of the panther are very fuzzy  5cl VS; 50ml stated on front; horizontal ean barcode; outlines of the panther are very fuzzy. On the back under 5cl is also the alcohol percentage stated  5cl VS; 50ml stated on front with number on back; horizontal ean barcode; outlines of the panther are very fuzzy. On the back (right side) you there is no 5cl written  5cl VS; 50ml on front; long snout, paws not clear 5cl VS; 50ml on front; short snout; number on back 5cl VS; 50ml stated on the front; beautiful outlined panther; square label on the back with text  5cl VS; 50ml stated on the front; beautiful outlined panther; front paw is lower 5cl black panther  Slight differences in the shap of the panther (viz. the gap between the paws) Slight differences in the shap of the panther (viz. the gap between the paws) Black Panther 5cl; panther not black  Different shape of panther (head and paws)

17d. Réserve, VSO and VSOP

Reserve  Reserve VSO VSO, slightly different closure 3cl VSOP 5cl VSOP  More gold coloured cap  VSOP fine champagne; longer label (space underneath VSOP Cognac)  VSOP fine champagne; shorter label; with produce of France printed underneath cognac   With 40% stated  VSOP very vaguely on the left below; with 40% on the righ below  5cl VSOP, screw cap  VSOP      With an aditional sticker and no engravings on the neck With a sticker; no content stated on front, on backside 50ml readable (below right); differences in head of panther With a sticker; no content stated on front, on backside 5cl readable (right-middle) 50ml stated on front; beautifully outlined panther  5cl VSOP; 50ml stated on the front side; ear does not touch the outline  5cl VSOP; 50ml stated on the front side; number on the neck; round snout 5cl VSOP; 50ml stated on the front side; number on the backside 5cl VSOP; 50ml stated on the front side; e5cl stated on the backside; barcode  5cl VSOP; 50ml stated on the front side; recycling mark on backside 5cl VSOP; 50ml stated on the front side; recycling mark on backside; number on the backside 5cl VSOP, content stated on front; weird head 5cl VSOP, content not stated on front; the eye and ear of the panther are not right  5cl VSOP, content not stated on front; gap between paws is wider; head is not right 5cl VSOP; 50ml not stated on the front; 5cl clearly stated on the backside  5cl VSOP with 'accessory'  5cl VSOP, red  50ml VSOP Superior; in red

17e. Napoleon

No content or alcohol percentage on front Slight differences in the head Panther has more colour and more relief and less room between feet 50ml Napoleon  50ml, lighter colour  Dark cap With gold coloured panther With 'accessory'

17f. XO

5cl XO. Ear of panther does not touch his outline Ear of panther against outline Feet are bigger 5cl XO, head is more round; claws also more round 5cl XO, pointy feet 5cl; different head and feet differences in head and paws differences in head and paws 5cl, not stated; beautifully drawn panther  differences in head and paws differences in head and paws differences in head and paws differences in head and paws 50ml and 40% ALC/VOL stated on the front; differences in head and paws HKDNP stated on the back

With a red cap With a red cap and a cotisation mark With a black cap and an 'accessory'

17g. Cordon d’Or

1865 vintage; cordon d'or  3cl Cordon d'Or 70 proof  Cordon d'Or 20 years old; 1/10 pint; 84 proof 1/10 pint cordon d'or; 84 proof; with Produce of France stated; slightly different font  Cordon d'Or 5cl Cordon d'Or; with produce of France underneath Cordon d'Or with 40% stated

17h. NPU

  5cl NPU with 40% stated

17i. Old

3cl VO, grande marque 1842 no 7 Extra  25 ans d'age  25 ans d'age  Cordon rouge; 40 ans d'age  Same as previous, but without the 40% stated  40 ans d'age  65 ans d'age  Different emblem on label; age unsure  Cordon violet; 80 ans d'age

35cl Cordon Rouge

17j. Vintages

La Grande Marque 1789  La Grande Marque 1789; different colour glass  1842  1842 vintage 1875 vintage

17k. Other

Aveco 40%, 5cl Aveco 42%

17l. 20-50cl bottles

Fine champagne, content not stated (20cl?) Fine champagne, content not stated (35cl?)

5star 35cl 5star 35c, much more outlined panther 200ml VS 35cl Black Panther 35cl Black Panther 50cl VS   50cl VS, PET bottle 500ML flask 500ml PET flask (2021) 35cl Arima

20cl VSOP 50cl PET bottle (ca. 2018)  50cl VSOP PET 50cl VSOP Superior

35cl Napoleon, Asian import (1985) e35cl

e35cl (stated on the back) XO; bicoloured cap  35cl XO  Content not stated (20cl?)

35cl    35cl, with a sticker  35cl, different colour of stopper and label

Ancienne Marque 1842 Grande Champagne no. 7 (36cl)

50cl flask, made for the 2005 Vinexpo in Bordeaux (XO platine)





Meukow bottle catalaog — 7 reacties

    • Hi,

      These cordon rouge bottles are from the 1950s. I haven’t seen this one before and the photo is too small to make out the details. It is probably a VSOP, but in those days a VSOP could easily have aged 30 or 40 years. I think there must have been a shoulder label that has fallen of. Could you sen me a larger format photo if I send you an e-mail?

      Kind regards,

  1. Hello , I got few bottles 5 star congnac 1956 imported by Guthrie& co ltd , got 2 bottle air out but I never open .. how to keep it well ? And can liquor drinkable? I only saw website only 3 star is same ranking ? But my is 5 star? Pls help n teach me technic to keep the bottle.

    • Hello,

      Beautiful bottle!
      In the 1950s the control on ages by the law was not yet properly arranged. Today all bottles that have stars – be it one star, three stars or even five stars – are considered to have VS or three star age, so aged for a minimum of two years. But many of these bottles from before the 1960s could have been aged in wooden casks for substantial more years.

      If the level in the bottles have not dropped too low, this cognac can be very drinkable indeed. If there has been an important evaporation, the alcohol percentage will have dropped too low, giving it a weak taste. Another factor is, if the bottles were kept standing upright or laying down. Because when they have been laying down for a long time, the alcohol will have corroded the corks, which will have given it a bad taste.
      If the bottles have been standing up and the capsule is intact there is a good chance the cork is still in good condition.
      Maybe you can see some of the cork just below the metal capsule and inspect that?
      If in doubt, you can have experts to re-cork the bottle. But it has to be done with the proper papers to guarantee the quality of this process. I am not sure if this can be done outside of France. This will be very costly and maybe to much for a bottle that will bring in €300-400 in an auction if lucky.

      Hope this helps.
      I would very much like a proper picture of this bottle for my Meukow Bottle catalog page. I will send you an email to facilitate this.


  2. Hello John,
    We have mailed before.
    If you have new photo’s for me for the Meukow Bottle Catalog, I would love that very much.
    I will send you an e-mail.
    Kind regards,

  3. Dear Sir.My family were involved with this Firm for 100 years.My great grand father Thomas Alexander Shepherd became the sole owner in 1874.I can send you photos of my collection.Regards John

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