Martell Bottle Catalog PART 2: Limited editions and specials

(178 bottles; but still not complete. Last updated: Aug 2, 2019)

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1. Caractère, Distinction, Artys, NCF
2. Martell Réserve Borderies
3. Decanters and Extravaganza
4. Jubilee editions
5. VS Limited editions
6. VSOP Limited editions
7. Cordon Bleu limited editions
8. Noblige
9. Jason WU limited editions
10. XO limited editions
11. Single Estate Collection
12. Limoges
13. Year 2000
14. Cohiba
15. various
16. Other
17. Extravaganza page

1. Caractère, Distinction, Artys, NCF

70cl Caractère 750ml 70cl Distinction (2014) Distinction with a blue cap 70cl Distinction, with 'vsop' stated below 'distinction' 35cl, stated on capsule 35cl, but not stated Non chill filtered (2016)

The Artys bottles are 35cl only.

2. Martell Réserve Borderies

The label says: Réserve Borderies  The label says: Réserve cognac borderies  The labels says: Réserve de Martell borderies  Borderies printed in large letters  Reserve de Chanteloup Borderies, 70cl  Reserve de Chanteloup Borderies, different emblem; 70cl.  Whit a silver coloured cap Reserve de Chanteloup Borderies, different emblem; 70cl. Engraved with the buyers name.  Reserve de Chanteloup Borderies, different emblem; 70cl. Engraved with the buyers name. Blue cap. 70cl Réserve de Martell Chateau de Chanteloupe, borderies (2018; available as a gift to visitors of Chateau de Chanteloup)

3. Decanters and Extravaganza:

Three stars, Classique and vsop:

three stars (ca 1960)  three stars, without 40% stated  Same as previous but with a paper duty seal on top  Martell Classique  Médaillon VSOP

Cordon Bleu:

Cordon Bleu, around 1959; no bleu cord yet  Cordon Bleu with additional label  75cl with an old type hanging card and a metal plaquette Cordon Bleu, blue ribbon, sticker low on bottle; 750ml Italian import (Spirit S.P.A.)  Cordon Bleu, blue ribbon, sticker low on bottle; 750ml USA import (Jos. Garneau & Co., New York) Cordon Bleu, blue ribbon, sticker low on bottle; 750ml USA import (Jos. Garneau & Co., Louisville, Ky)  Cordon Bleu, two stickers (ca. 1969); Schieffelin import  Cordon Bleu, two stickers (ca. 1969); Schieffelin import; ABV stated differently  70cl stated    Cordon Bleu, no stickers; 26 fl oz (74cl)  75cl  75 cl 40% 750ML and 80 proof stated; with a paper duty seal  0.76L stated  75cl; No content or alcoholpercentage stated  With a paper duty seal; 76cc stated on back; Italian import, Spirit SPA Genova  No content or alcoholpercentage stated; text underneath is different No content or alcoholpercentage stated; text underneath is different (Mexican import)  Cordon Bleu Grand National  Cordon Bleu, golden ribbon; with the content stated on the card  Cordon Bleu, golden ribbon; without the content stated on the card  Cordon Bleu, golden ribbon; HKDNP stated on the top of the capsule

Reserve and Extra:

Martell Réserve  Martell Extra  Martell Extra   Martell Extra, no ribbon (cordon); Hong Kong import  Martell Extra, red ribbon (cordon)  With a yellow ribbon around the neck


Cordon Argent Baccarat, imported by Park & Tilford (pre-1955)   Edouard; Grande Champagne 1920 (2016)  Le Flacon de la Reine (grande champagne 1929)  Hidden Gem bottle, part of Hidden gem Trunc (2015), more info on the Martell extravaganza page

Odys, 70cl For Duty Free Sale Only  Chanteloup Perspective, 70cl  The metal plaquette looks more refined; 70cl is stated on the back.  Chanteloup Perspective with a paper seal on top (Italian) Chanteloup Perspective with a paper seal on top; Singapore Duty Not Paid; 2012  Création Grand Extra 1st edition, 70cl (1995, created for the 280th anniversary of Martell)  With a Duty Free Sales Only sticker Creation 2d edition, different neck and different stopper; 70cl (stated on the back)

Creation baccarat (1985)     l'Or, 70cl stated on the back; the emblem is smaller than the emblem on the next bottle (compare the widt of the round emblem to the widht of shoulder-line)  With a paper duty seal; the emblem is just a litle larger than the previous bottle; 70cl stated at the bottom (click to see)  Special bottle, click to see back: 1995 L'OR De Martell Cup at the Shatin Racecourse in Hong Kong; said to be75cl (probably a one off)   l'Or de jean  With 700ml stated below on the left foot  With 750ml stated below on the right foot (bottle stands with the front backwards)  l'Art (1997)  Premier Voyage (1985)

Martell Extravaganza

The very expensive and extravagant bottles of Hennessy have their own page, where there is room for a more extensive description of the bottles: Hidden Gems, the Pinel & Pinel Trunk, the Chanteloup Perspective Tasting Trunk, the Cordon Bleu Centenary Jewel Edition, the Premier Voyage, Création, L’Art de Martell,  L’Or de Jean and L’Or, the Cordon Argent Baccarat and the Cordon Bleu Centanary Limited Edition

Click on this link to see the Martell Extravaganza page.

Click on this link to see the Martell Extravaganza page in Dutch.

4. Jubilee editions and other special editions

75 year jubilee Ditta Salengo; stated in silver letters just below Jubilee (also stated on the wooden crate); 700cc   75 year jubilee Koopmans & Bruinier; 70cl stated   The Silver Jubilee of the Queen (1815, 1906, 1914 and 1918 vintages); 24 FLOZ (1977)  Réserve du Fondateur, 70cl stated   700cc Reserve de la Fondateur   Réserve du Fondateur; no content stated  Réserve du Fondateur; no content stated; with an Asian sticker on the neck 250Y anniversary; 730cl Italian import (Carlo Salengo)  250 Y Anniversary  Reserve Familiale (250 Y anniversary)  260 Y Anniversary  Extra; 30Y Trade Celebration Singapore  Singapore 1965; 50 years of independance  Paris-Peking-Paris with The Spirit of France With 'produce of France' stated between content and ABV (1980s)  Cep Cup, 1980s  100 years Cordon Bleu (2012)  100 years Cordon Bleu, limited édition (2012)  100 year anniversary Cordon Bleu, Jewel Édition (more info on the extravaganza page)  VS tricentenaire; left: 40%VOL and right: 750ML stated;  Noblige Tricentenaire Cordon Blue Tricentenaire; only difference with regular cordon bleu extra old is possibly 700ml on the left bottom instead of 70 cl. Cordon Bleu Tricentenaire, 70cl stated content stated on the back (70cl) Difference in the capsule: emblem and text are somewhat higher placed; 70cl Singapore Duty Not Paid; 70cl stated on the back. Tricentenaire assemblage de 3 millesimes, 70cl  Tricentenaire assemblage de 3 millesimes, 750ml  XO edition exclusive tricentenaire Same as previous, Singapore Duty Not Paid

5. VS Limited editions

1L Sélection exclusive  70cl La French Touch  70cl Single Distillerie (2017)  750ml single distillery

6. VSOP Limited editions


1991 National Golf Tournament du Cognac; Big Spenders Club  VSOP Edition Nuit  Reserve de Crus, 1L 1L VSOP medaillon, réserve de crus  2000 lim edition (strong resemblance with the 1L bottle); on this bottle is no content stated  VSOP RitzVSOP Chateau de Versailles 

VSOP, Paris Style:

VSOP Montmartell by Castelbajac  VSOP Montmartell by Castelbajac (white ribbon)    VSOP Rive Gauche

VSOP, La French Touch:

VSOP French Touch, different label   Cassius VSOP by La French Touch (2016); 700ml stated on the back  With a Malaysian sticker and a paper duty seal on top

VSOP, other:

VSOP Réserve de crus  VSOP Réserve de Crus, VSOP written above 'réserve de crus'; 1L  VSOP Blue Swift, 70cl  VSOP Blue Swift (finished in bourbon cask); 750ml  70cl VSOP, aged in red barrels (2018) 700ml (stated) VSOP, Aged in Red Barrels 750ml VSOP, Aged in Red Barrels 1L VSOP, aged in red barrels (2018)

7. Cordon Bleu limited editions

Cordon Bleu: Sainsbury's Copham steeple chase 2003 (click to see text on back-side)  Tribute to Cellar Masters, 2014  With 'extra old cognac' written  Cordon Bleu Limited Edition Cordon Bleu Extra (2016)  Cordon Bleu Extra (Malaysian import)  Intense heat cask finish (2017)  CB chinese new year 70cl (2018)  CB chinese new year 1L  Cordon Bleu limited edition 2019; for Chinese new year; in collaboration with French artist Mathilde de l'Ecotais (70cl) 1L bottle (stated)

8. Noblige:

Noblige Limited edition Noblige French Touch Cassius Noblige by La French Touch (2016)

9. Jason Wu Black Tie limited editions

VSOP black tie edition by Jason Wu (2015)  Is this a colour-effect of the surroundings? Top of cap look a bit different too. (700ml)  Noblige Black Tie Edition by James Wu; 70cl stated on the box.

10. XO limited editions

Paul Andreu (2009)  Christian de Portzamparc (2012)

11. Single Estate Collection

 Domaine de Charbonnière, borderies (2016)   Vignoble A. Couillaud, petite champagne 1978 vintage (2016) Vignoble C. Mongillon, GC 1989 vintage (2016)  Domaine Pierre de Béchillon Boraud, GC; 2016  Domaine Pierre de Béchillon Boraud, GC; 2017

All three Borderies (2017)

12. Limoges

700ml Limoges Gobelet, Napoleon; De Haviland Limoges (1980s)  new emblem

13. Year 2000

Fine Cognac 2000  VSOP old fine cognac to celebrate the new millennium; DFS mark in top right corner Without the little mark in the top right corner  VSOP 2000 with a paper seal  With Cont. Net 700ml written in bold lettertype

14. Cohiba

70cl stated on the back   Different back (click to see): duty seal on the back.    Different back (click to see); symbol to the right of the ABV is different  70cl, different back (click)  70cl, different back, from Lithuania  Martell is printed less bright and with an metalic sticker on the neck.  With a paper duty seal  With 700ml stated on the back

15. Various

Not stating 'cognac', but believed to be cognac, bottled in the 1930s Quality not stated, but probably Extra (est. 1980s)  Spécial edition VOP (1990s)  Premier Assemblage  3 stars (click to see box too)  Extra, Brand company oft he year 1991; issued in 1992 Vieille Borderies, Seagram Duty Free 2001  Métaphore; only one bottle was made (2018)  Savoir Faire, borderies (2018)

16. Other:




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