Hardy Bottle Catalogue (last updated: Nov 22, 2023)

361 bottles, but still not complete (only half bottles and up).


Hardy was established in 1863 by Anthony (Antoine) Hardy. Although Hardy is now part of the Unicoop co-operation, the firm is still directed by members of the Hardy family. Already in the 19th century they adopted the Franch cockerel as their emblem, which they still use up to this day.
Hardy is famous for their very expensive crystal bottles, the Perfection series, made in collaboration with first Cristallerie des vosges, later Daum. Recently they have started a new series, now working together with Lalique.


1. Stars
2. Fine Champagne
3. Red Corner
4. VS
5. Legend
7. Napoléon
8. XO
9. Noces d’Argent
10. Noces d’Or
11. Extra, Chairman’s Private Cellar
12. Reserve de la famille
13. Vintages
14. Decanters
15. Limited editions
16. Magnums
17. Porcelain flasks
18. Roosters and other special bottles

1. Stars

1a. Three stars:

1960s, said to be 70cl on auction (not stated) Second half 1950s

70cl (1960-70s)  73cl Italian import by A. Sposetti, Genova (1960s) With a screw cap; without produce of France indicated With a screw cap and with produce of France indicated, 73ctl indicated; Italian import by Cogis s.r.l., Venezia ((1970s) With a screw cap and with produce of France indicated, 70cl (1980s)  half bottle


0,70L stated; 1970s 0,70L stated (1970s) 70cl, not stated (1980s)  700 ml stated INHALT 0,70L stated

1b. Five stars:

5 stars 5 stars; said to be aged 25 years; 75cl Italian import by Standa, Milano (1970s) newer bottle without the emblem (rooster) embossed on the shoulder

2. Fine Champagne

 73cl Italian import (Cogis) 73cl Italian import (Cogis); 73cls stated higher on the label and the importer data on a separate label (said to be 70cl by the shop); Italian import: Cogis, Via Canova 38, Milano, stated on the front  75cl, hardly visibel below the 'C' of cognac; same Italian importer as previous bottle, but different colour of label; 1960s Same as previous bottle, but with a stamp on the label 75cl (stated); same Italian importer as previous bottle, but different address: Cogis, Corso Venezia 54, Milano

75cl Fine champagne (1960s)

Fine Champagne de Luxe, underneath: Cognac France (1960s) Fine champagne De Luxe with a shoulder label and 38/40% stated; underneath: Cognac With 'De Luxe' also stated on the main label and with a paper duty seal on top (Portuguese import, Porto; 1970s) With Ausländisches Erzeugnis indicated (left and right of ´de Luxe´) and 40° indicated

3. Red Corner

75cl Red Corner, also dubbed VS already.

'68,1 cl e' stated; three stars Red Corner 0,70l and 40° stated 0,70L and 40%vol stated; imported by Mampaey, Groot Bijgaarden (Belgium) 73cl, stated on the back; Italian import by Seiba SAS, Milano 0,70L and 40° stated; Italian import by Standa, Milano; volume on duty seal in fractions (1970s) 0,70L and 40%vol stated; Italian import by Standa, Milano; volume on duty seal in decimals (1970s) 70cl (stated); Red Corner and three stars; Japanese sticker on the neck. 0,70L, different capsule: no 3 stars and Hardy Cognac on two lines; cotisation symbol on the back 0,70L, different capsule: no 3 stars and Hardy Cognac on two lines; Italian import (1980-90s)

Clear glass; 0,70L e indicated 70cl (stated); Red Corner and three stars, black capsule 70cl (stated); Red Corner and SOP; black capsule 0,70l stated; Red Corner and VS; clear glass 0,70l e stated; Red Corner and VS; clear glass; fine cognac in small print 750ml (stated); Red Corner and VS

70cl Red Corner; VS  750ml (stated) Red Corner; no second qualification. No content or ABV stated 37.5cl 50cl flask

4. VS

70cl  750ml  1L, not indicated; stated by shop 50cl Pet flask 50cl Pet flask, shinier capsule with a logo 375ml

70cl (2023)

5. Legend

70cl Legend 1863 (2017); 700ml stated on back-side 750ml stated


70cl (est. 1950-60s) 70cl Hardy Prestige (click to see box); 1950s With Produce of France stated and 25 (floz?) With importe data below VSOP, ca 1960s; (said to be 75cl); discoloration or really different color? VSOP fine champagne, Prestige stated on the label (1960s) With a paper duty seal on top

73cl; VSOP Napoleon Imperator (1960-70s) VSOP Napoleon Imperator; without 'fine champagne' stated; 73 cls

VSOP fine cognac, the label is lost; 70-75cl Fine cognac; 0,7L stated; Französisches Erzeugnis; this bottle has lost its emblem.

0,7L stated, VSOP Napoleon 0,7l Französisches Erzeugnis With 40° stated and with a paper duty seal on top, Italian import The 'N' emblem is on a dark coloured background; the blob is bronze coloured; 0,7L and 40° stated (1980s)

With a 'N' in an wreath of laurels; 0,70L and 40 stated and product of France With a 'N' in an wreath of laurels; 0,70L and 40 stated and produce of France  0.7L, with a rooster on the shoulder (early 1980s; with a 1981 gold medal)   VSOP stated in the upper right corner; 0,70; the emblem above fine champagne is a rooster; Französisches Erzeugnis (1980s) 0,70L, Französisches Erzeugnis ; back-side is different 750ML 80°Proof 0,70L and 40%vol on the front; Asian sticker on the neck and on the back 350ml flask

0,70L VSOP, fine cognac With VSOP Fine Cognac painted on the shoulder

70cl 68,1cl stated; 1980s 70cl 70cl, with a paper duty seal (Portuguese import) VSOP Fine Champagne, 0.70L e 0,70L stated, with a cotisation symbol; Japanese sticker on the neck 700ml fine cognac stated; with a Japanese sticker on the neck 0,70l Fine cognac; Portuguese import  70cl stated and no 'fine champagne' at the bottom 35cl VSOP

75cl VVSOP (1970s) VSOP fine champagne; ,072L stated on the bottom With a screw cap, Französisches Erzeugnis; 70cl indicated on the left Content (70cl) not indicated; 40° on the right VSOP fine champagne, 25 U.P. no paper label and different colour of capsule 70cl stated; Portuguese import 50cl flask, address in two lines (between 'cognac' and emblem) 50cl flask, address in three lines (between 'cognac' and emblem)

70cl 70cl, with a paper duty seal 750ml stated  1L bottle 1Le indicated

70cl stated; VSOP fine champagne cognac. Note the different shape of the bottle compared to previous bottle (foot and neck). 70cl, the cap is slightly different Content not indicated, said to be 750ml, VSOP. (fine champagne cognac stated below VSOP) 750ML indicated

70cl stated 70cl, content not stated 750ml stated 1L bottle 50cl 50cl flask, gold cap 50cl flask, black cap 50cl flask, black cap; shinier cap with a logo

70cl Organic VSOP 750ml Organic VSOP; the sticker says: USDA Organic Organic VSOP, content not stated 70cl 70cl (2023)

7. Napoleon

Napoleon Imperator, ca. 70cl (1960s) Napoleon Imperator; all text in one colour: white ; 1970s  Napoleon Imperator; text in two colours: white and silver; 1970s Napoleon Imperator, Französisches Erzeugnis (early 1970s)  Napoleon, 70cl; (1967)

Grande Fine Cognac; 0,70L and 40%vol stated Grande Fine Cognac; 0,70L and 40%vol stated; with filigrane Grande Fine Cognac; 0,70L and 40%vol stated; with a Mexican duty seal Grande Fine Cognac; 700ML and 40%alc.vol. stated; with filigrane Grande Fine Cognac; 700ML and 40% alc/vol stated (Mexican duty seal) Grande fine cognac; 0,75L indicated and 40%vol 750ml indicated and 40%alc/vol; Grande Fine Cognac; Asian import, no filigrane Grande fine champagne; 0,70L and 40° stated It says: Grande Fine Champagne; 0,70L and 40%vol are in italics (estim. 1980s) 700ML Fine Cognac

40%vol 70cl stated on the front; Asian sticker on the back 40%vol 70cl on the front is much more vague; Asian import, different sticker 40%vol and 70cl clearly stated; Asian sticker on the neck; Asian import (click to see back side) Very much like previous, but content and ABV hazier and colour of lable more brown 700ml (not stated); Japanese sticker on neck 750ml  1L bottle

New type bottle, different capsule and different foot 700ml; shorter label and an emblem above in the glass 750ml, different cap

8. XO

XO Extra Fine; 750ml and 80 Proof is stated XO Extra Fine; 750ml and 40%Alc/Vol is stated; import by Paterno (Chicago, US) Different back label  XO Extra Fine; with an additional line of text (import information); content printed on the left, but not readable

0,70L stated, fine champagne, XO in italics 0.70L and 40%vol stated, fine champagne, XO in italics (Asian import) 0.70L and 40%vol stated, fine champagne, XO in italics, with filigrane; no back label 750ml 40%alc/vol Fine Champagne (Canadian bottle)

Below Hardy is printed: 'Produce of France, Cognac' (1980s). With an Italian tax seal and 750ml, 75cl, 80proof and 40%vol stated (1980s) 75cl Italian import, with an emblem on the capsule (1970s) Hardy stated lower on the label (1980s). Below Hardy is printed: 'Cognac France, Produce of France'. Stopper is different. Label without emblem, stopper made of glass

70cl stated 750ml stated 750ml stated; with an additional text line below 'fine champagne' Content not indicated (said to be 750ml) 0,70L stated, new emblem, different label and neck (1970s) 0,7L, Italian import; on the back is an estimated sign: '70 cl e' e0,70L stated (late 1980s-1990s)  750ml stated 750ml, Fine champagne in a different type face. Without 'fine champagne' stated; 70cl; with a Japanese sticker Without 'fine champagne' stated; 750ml; German import by Epikur, Koblenz  Without 'fine champagne' stated; 750ml; modern typeface and colour of letters is different too

XO Rare. 70cl, not stated XO Rare, 70cl stated  750ml stated.

1L indicated 70cl stated 70cl stated 1L stated 50cl

70cl (2023)

9. Noces d’Argent

Noces d'Argent (1960-70s)  Noces d'Argent, split main label and a neck label saying '25 ans' (1970s)  Main label not split and no neck label 70cl; rooster in silver on a grey background The rooster in black; 70cl stated on the front and 700ml on the back 750ML

10. Noces d’Or

Noces d'Or, Italian import by Sposetti (1970s) 24 1/2 fl.oz 70 Proof and 0,70l 40° stated; Noces d'Or, 0,70L Noces d'Or, 40%vol stated on the lower right 0,70L Noces d'Or, 40° stated on the lower right, Italian import, Milano Noces d'Or cinquantenaire, 750ml 750ML stated and 80°PROOF With 80 proof and 40%Alc by vol stated

Noces d'Or, Très Ancienne; Baccarat decanter (1979)

70cl and 40%vol stated  40%vol and 70cl stated (reversed) 750ML stated and 40% Alc by Vol.  No content stated  Year of the rooster (2017) With a number at the heel and a paper duty seal on top

11. Extra Chairman’s Private Cellar

750ml 750ml with a paper duty seal on top Different shape of the bottle; 750ml 700ml with a blue label

12. Reserve de la Famille

0,7L Reserve de la Famille, Noces de Diamant 750ml with red wax cap 750ml with black wax cap, 1980s Same as previous, but 750ML is crossed out and replaced by 700ML

13. Vintage

1777 vintage; from the private collection of the Hardy family (only one bottle found in a closet at James Hardy's house, more bottles with other family members, probably 5 in total).  1777, private collection  1777. 1777 (bottled 1936, recorked 1967) 1802 grande champagne vintage; collection personelle 1812 (stated on the box) Borderies, Folle blanche and Colombard; collection personelle (bottled 1902, rebottled 2002) 1802 (stated on the box); petite champagne vintage, Folle blanche and Colombard; collection personelle; bottled 1890, re-bottled 2002. 1812 grande champagne vintage; collection personelle  1820 vintage (stated on box, click to see); collection personelle Jacques hardy 1830, collection personelle Jacques hardy 1848 vintage, 1830, collection personelle Jacques hardy  1830 Extra vintage 1856 petite champagne, collection personelle Jacques hardy; bottled 2003 1900 Grande champagne (stated on the back) 1906 grande champagne vintage; collection personelle 1914 grande champagne vintage; collection personelle 1914 grande champagne vintage; reserve personelle (bottled 1986, re-bottled 2002) Different shape of the bottle, red wax and a sticker on the neck

14. Decanters

For more information on the very expensive decanters go to the Hardy Extravaganza page.

Extra, 70Proof and 40° indicated; and produce of France  Extra, fine champagne; 0,75L indicated 70cl Gold Label Lauzin Baccarat (1970s), private reserve of Hardy (sometimes dubbed: Casino, 70cl

Napoleon cognac (Kaspar crystal), some are also named Noces d’Or:

70cl Kaspar; hand made French Crystal  Noces d'Or stated separately; said to be 70cl  Napoleon; 70cl, stated 70cl Napoleon decanter (back-side); click to see front detail; different stopper Different closure with Hacienda printed; Mexican import 750ml, stated on front sticker 750ml, stated on back-side of neck (click to see detail back-side, very vague)  750ml stated on the paper duty seal and on back-side of neck (click to see detail back-side); with an additional label on the back-side.

Captains decanter, Noces d’Or (Cristallerie des Vosges):

70cl Captains decanter; Noces d'Or (1980s)  75cl Captains decanter; Noces d'Or 750ML, Cristal de Litz

Noces Series:

Noces de Perle (Cristallerie des Vosges); more then 30 years old; 70cl, not stated  Noces de Perle, Cristallerie des Vosges 75cl, not stated  Noces de Diamant (Cristallerie des Vosges); more then 60 years old; 750ml Noces de Diamant; red cord; 40%vol and 750ML stated on a see-through sticket on the foot See-through sticker is different: 40% alc. by vol and 750ML; Italian import Noces de Diamant; another see-through sticker  Noces d'Albatre (Rosebud); Daum crystal 70cl (stated on the back)  Noces d'Albatre (Rosebud); Daum crystal 750ml stated; with a plastic sticker Noces de Platine, 70cl, Daum crystal Noces de Platine refill

More information on the Extravaganza page.

Perfection and elements series of perfection (all Daum crystal):

Perfection, 750ml stated and 40%alc/vol, Daum crystal  750ml, with 82 proof stated; Daum crystal sticker and also the emblem of Crystalleries des Vosges (CdV)  Perfection, 750ml stated, with the emblem of Cristalleries des Vosges (CdV)  Perfection, 750ml stated, with the emblem of Cristalleries des Vosges (CdV); should say Perfection, but is it there?

Water, 700ml stated

Water (Eau); 750ml stated; click to see Fire (Flamme); 750ml stated 750ML indicated; 'Hardy Cognac' 750ml stated; Air; 'A. Hardy' Earth, 750ml stated; 'Hardy Cognac' Light, 750ml stated; 'Hardy Cognac' (US Bottle)

Water (Eau); 750ml stated; 'A Hardy' (note: 'By A. Hardy'), click to see  Fire (Flamme)    Air (Air)  Earth (Terre)    Light (Lumière)

Lalique bottles:

Caryota (2012) aka Cuvée Bénédictine  Réserve du Prince, the bottle that accompagnies the Caryota carafe; on the neck label: 'authentic pre-world war I'  Hardy Hommage (1961 vintage), made for the 2014 Part des Anges auction, in a Lalique decanter called Trèves.

Le Printemps (2013)  L'Eté (2015) Automne, 2019 L'Hiver (2020)


Collection Privé Sèvres; special made for the 2011 Part des Anges auction. Thoroughbred (Aria) 750ml (2015); only 30 kopies.

Legacy, 1802 vintage (b 2016)  Legacy 1812 (b. 2016) Legacy, 1820 vintage (b 2016)

For more information on the very expensive decanters go to the Hardy Extravaganza page.

15. Limited editions

Monseigneur, grande champagne (est. 1940s) VVSP Monseigneur, 4/5 quart, 84 proof (1960s) VVSP Monseigneur, 4/5 quart, 84 proof, with additional importer info below (1960s) Monseigneur, reserve de A. Hardy (fine champagne) 35 ans d'age Monseigneur, reserve de A. Hardy (fine champagne) 35 ans d'age; with 39/40% stated Monseigneur, reserve de A. Hardy (fine champagne) 35 ans d'age; with 40° stated XO - LXX, 70cl; from 1921, bottled much later (prob 1980s) 21 Caratis, Très Ancienne Grande Champagne, 0.70L Jour de Fête, 0,70l stated0,70l (0,70 bigger) Jour de fête, with a paper duty seal  0,70l Napoleon, Jour de Fête, with a different emblem, different capsule and with filigrane (1980s) 0,70l Napoleon, Jour de Fête, with 'Jour de Fête' in the shoulder   Collection Personelle de Jacques Hardy (unique specimen)

Maison Rouge, made by Hardy for US market (2017):

750ml VS, Maison Rouge 750ml VS, Maison Rouge, black capsule 750ml VSOP, Maison Rouge 750ml VSOP, Maison Rouge; with additional text line: bottled in Cognac - France 750ml VSOP, Maison Rouge, white label 750ml Maison Rouge VSOP, black capsule 750ml 750ml VSOP, Maison Rouge with a shoulder label 375ml flask, Maison Rouge VSOP

0.7L Grande champagne, exclusive edition (1988) 75cl Spirit of Sovereignty; to commemorate the unification of Hong Kong and China (1997) 150th anniversary Coop in Denmark (2016)

6 x 35cl: bois ordimaires, bons bois, fins bois, borderies, petite champagne and grande champagne (gift set 1988)  Same set with Hardy printed on the capsule, Italian import

35cl Bois Communs; Hardy printed on the capsule, no duty seal on top

Limited Christmas Edition, 50cl (2021)

16. Magnums

3st magnum Magnum, the screw cap and capsule is a little different 1.4L Red Corner (magnum); 1970s  1.5L Red Corner (magnum); 1970s  1.5L Red Corner (magnum) 1,5L VSOP with cotisation stamp 150cl VSOP (1980s) 150cl VSOP without cotisation stamp 1.4L VSOP, Französisches Erzeugnis 1.5L VSOP Napoleon 3L XO

17. Porcelain flasks

700ml Limoges (not Jean-Pierre), napoleon   700ml Limoges (Jean-Pierre), napoleon 750ml Limoges (Jean-Pierre), Napoleon 750ML, HKDNP sticker on the back

18. Roosters (les cocs) and other special bottles

750ml Extra 750ml stated, Extra; text differs 750ml Extra 750ml Extra, text underneath is different 750ml Extra 750ml Extra 750ml stated, Extra; text differs 750ml Extra 750ml stated, Extra; text differs 750ml Extra

500ml three stars 50cl VS  50cl VS (Godiva), with a cotisation stamp VSOP 0,50l stated 500ml VSOP 750ml XO, Asian import Prob. 700ml XO; Asian import by Hock Tong Bee; label without adornments round the edges

0.5L Napoleon as a canon



Hardy bottle catalog — 20 reacties

    • Around €50-100 for the Hardy VSOP Napoleon.
      I cant make out the other two bottles, because the photo is too small.

      • Legally a 5 star cognac has the same minimum age requirement as a three star: a minimum of 2 years in cask from 1 April following distillation. But before the 1960s the qualifications VSOP, Napoleon and XO were not so widespread. A Five star indications was used to indicate a better cognac than the 3 star.
        It is not worth very much, maybe €40-60. But it is a nice find, not much seen.

    • Hello,

      I can not make out if this VSOP is a normal seize bottle or a magnum.
      Can you send some better photo’s? I will send an e-mail to facilitate.


  1. I was just gifted a bottle of #11. Chairman’s Private Cellar. It’s the tall rectangular bottle. Any idea of worth and how thankful I should be?

    • These are not seen very much now. They have often been sold together with a 20cl hip flask.
      I can not give you a very accurate price because it has been a while since I saw one being sold, but you should think around €150 for the bottle without the 20cl flask and around €200 for the two together.

    • So this is a Hardy bottle. The name: ‘A. Hardy et Cie’. Today they print just ‘Hardy’. ‘A. Hardy’ is seen on bottles until the 1980s and it looks indeed like a 1980s bottle. I haven’t seen this one before. There is no indication on the bottle about the quality, which makes it very difficult to put a value on it. It has 42%vol on it, so it must be some sort of limited edition.
      How and where did you get it?

  2. Good evening,

    I had a 200 ml bottle of a fisherman´s chairman´s private cellar…I was fond of that bottle that had been given to me by my grandfather.
    Sadly the bottle got lost while fishing and I am trying to check how many chances do I have to find another one?

    • Now and then there is one offered on an auction, but chances are slim if you don’t check the auction sites on a regular basis.

    • Hello Enrique,

      I have only seen this bottle being sold once. I don’t know what it was sold for, but the estimate was around €200-250.
      If the bottle is in good condition, this seems a fair estimation. Of course it all depends on how many people are interested when offered for auction.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Hello

    Can you tell me something about this hardy cognac? Maybe the date?

    It was a Gift from my grandmother.

    Should i sell it?

    Best regards

    • Hi Constantin,

      I need better pictures before I can tell you more. I also like to know the size. Is it a regular 70-75cl bottle or a magnum? Does the bottle never had a label? Or are there some writings on the glass?
      I will send you an e-mail to make sending pictures easier.


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