Gautret, brand of the co-operation Unicognac

The chateau in Jonzac, used to belong to the Gautret family.


  • 1847 Established by Jules Gautret in Jonzac as a merchant/distilling company.
  • 1959 Gautret initiates the founding of a co-operation called Unicognac. The Gautret company becomes its main brand.

Gautret produces the following qualities: VS, VSOP, Napoleon, XO and Extra. Their brands tend to be light without too much wood notes.


The swan logo can be seen on many Gautret bottles. It is in fact the logo of Unicognac.
Address: ZI de St Germain de Lusignan, Route de St Genis, 17503 Jonzac. Telephone: 0546 481099. (visiting is possible on appointment only).