Duquai, brand owned by Philippe Braastad-Tiffon, merchant in Jarnac

[Not to be confused with Braastad or Tiffon]

Head quarters on the Quai de l’Orangerie

Philippe Braastad-Tiffon leaves the family company in 1999 after a management dispute and starts a company of his own: S.A.R.L. Philippe Braastad-Tiffon with Duquai as the name of his brand.

Philippe Braastad-Tiffon is at the same time the maitre-de-Chai at the Birkedal-Hartmann company.

The Duquai brand is sold under three different qualities: VSOP and XO (both blends of Grande champagne, Petite champagne, Borderies and Fins bois) and a Très Vieille Borderie. Sometimes they have limited editions, like a 1975 Fins bois and an Early Landed Grande Champagne.

Address: 20 Quai de l’Orangerie, 16200 Jarnac. Telephone: 0545 800066 (visiting is possible).