Bernard Bégaud, bouilleur de Cru in Villars-les-Bois (fins bois)

This family is active in this region as a winegrower-distiller since 1895. They are in the possession of 16 hectares of vineyard in the fins bois district. They still do a lot of the work by hand, like harvesting the grapes and filling their bottles.
Chantal and Bernard Bégaud are the present owners.

The also have a gîte for rent.

Range (fins bois): VSOP, XO Sélection, XO ‘Mes 20 ans’, Vieille Réserve (Grand-père Gabriel), Hors d’Age Prince Noir, Hors d’Age Extra, Instant Rare Extra Vieux, Les Anges Très Vieux Grand Cru, Très Vieux Grand Cru Hors d’Age.  (not working anymore)
Address: 19 Rue des Grelots “La métairie de la Barre”, 17770 Villars-les-Bois. Telephone: 0546 949536. (Visitors are welcome all year from 09.30-20.00h)


Bégaud — 1 Comment

  1. Good Morning from Stuttgart, DE.

    I was at the Strasbourg Vin Expo this weekend and did not see your station. I am inquiring about you Salty Caramel Cognac that you had in past years. Do you still create this Cognac? Would like to purchase from you if you have in stock.

    Best Regards

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