ABK6, cognac firm in Claix

ABK6 estate in Claix

Francis Abécassis established his company in 2005 and named it ABK6, short for Abécassis. He started out by buying the Leyrat estate and its brand. The vineyard of Leyrat was 70 hectare in the fins bois. He then slowly expanded to 240 hectare by buying Maine Drilhon (60 ha in petite champagne), Domain du Dizedon (30 ha in the grande champagne) and others. In the first years he colaborated with the well-known Simon Palmer from New Zealand, who was also a professor on the Université de Cognac in Ségonzac. Simon Palmer was the Maître de chai for ABK6. Nowadays it is Christian Guérin. (update 2019: the new cellermaster is Isabelle Couprie).

ABK6 only produces single estate cognacs. All three sites have their own alambic and master distiller. The overall management has been transferred to Francis’s daughter Melodie.
Update 2019: a new domaine has been bought: Domaine Segeville in grande champagne. He now owns four estates: Domaine Dizedon in Chateaubernard, grande champagne, Domaine Segeville in St. Preuil, grande champagne, Domaine Maine Drilhon in Barret and Domaine Chez Maillard in Claix).).

All the vineyards are planted with igni blanc. For the casks only Limousin oak is used.

ABK6 has four seperate brands: Le Reviseur, ABK6, Leyrat and Double Crown.

Le Reviseur range (petite champagne cognacs, made on Maine Drilhon in Barret): VS, VSOP, XO, Origin Extra.
ABK6 range (made on the Chez Maillard estate in Claix): VS Pure Single, VSOP Grand Cru, XO Family Réserve.
Leyrat range (fins bois cognacs are made on the Chez Maillard estate in Claix): Fine VS, VSOP Premium, XO Vieille réserve, XO Premium, XO Elite, Extra Glory.
Double Crown range (petite champagne is also made in Barret, Maine Drilhon): VS, VSOP, XO XO Extra, Brut de fût and Très Vieux.

Visting address: according to the ABK6-website: Route de Chez Seau 16440, Claix. The little map that goes with it sends you to the centre of Claix. I advise to follow my map. Telephone: 05-45663572.

http://www.cognac-leyrat.com/ visiting address as above mentioned
http://www.reviseur-cognac.com/ Le Maine Drilhon, Barret (no visits)

http://www.doublecrown-cognac.com/ Le Maine Drilhon, Barret (no visits)


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