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↨ Namek↨ remarks ↨ source↨ place↨ website
Arnaud, Père & Fils
EP,VICBouteville (werkt niet meer)
AubineaunNot active anymore, but still has some bottles to sell@Malaville
Audeville, Domaine d'nbrand ownd by Sauzeau; almost everything is sold to the big firmsBMalaville
BanchereauMap marker green 94,5,BEraville
Barbe, Logis denowner: Bernard Légier
1,5,6Criteuil la Magdeleine
Baron de l'IfMap marker green cirkel 7owners: Pierre and Daniel Duluc1,BTouzac
BergeaudMap marker blue 9see table petite champagne
Bitaud, Héritiersnsee also Distillerie Sovicri
(does not sell bottles anymore)
Blanleuil & FilsMap marker green 9BCriteuil la Magdeleine
Breuil de Segonzac, DomaineMap marker green 9B,EPChez Collet
Brisson, GillesMap marker green 9now: Cyril Brisson1,5,B,EPChateaubernard
Brugier, Danieln@Verrières
Capbern-GasquetonMap marker green 9@Gimeux
CharmilleMap marker green 9Used to be Boulay's brand. He now makes 1719 (see La Maison 1719)@Touzac
Clair, PascalMap marker green 9Also petite champagne1,3a,5,6,BNeuillac
Collin, Jean-Noël
Map marker green 9possibly not active anymore1,4,5,B,EPSalles-d'Angeles
Coteaux de LignieresMap marker green 9@Lignieres-Sonnevile
Courtin, Jean-Noël
Map marker green 9@Saint-Preuil
DagnaudMap marker green 9BChateaubernard
Delaunay, Mme. M.Map marker blue 9now owned bij nu eigendom van daughter and son-in-law: Lebecq; zie Lebecq.
BNIC says: Jacky Paquet
Denis, JacquesMap marker green 9B,EPSt. Preuil
Desse, RaymondMap marker green 91,B,EPSegonzac,16.html
Domaine de Chez BacouMap marker green 9Owned by family Martin@Mainxe
DulucMap marker green cirkel 7Owner: Gratien Duluc. 1,BTouzac
Echassier, l'Map marker green cirkel 7owner: Jacques CollinBChateaubernard
Font-BorneMap marker green 9owner: Georges Jobit; Now Viviane Jobit1,5,BFont-Borne
Fontaine de Font ArnatnOwner: Jean-François Biteaud
Fort, JeanMap marker green 9Now Jean-Noël Fort
Gacon, FrancisMap marker green 9Now Bruno Gacon1,5,7,B,EPLes Touches-de Périgny
Gauthier, BernardMap marker green 9@Malaville
Gay, Jean-BrunoMap marker green 9@Salles d'Angles
Glemet, Jean & RogerMap marker green 9Hans (c.-f.)Malaville
Grenier, Christinen@Viville
Jullien, André
Map marker green 9Owner of Logis de la Mothe, which is now his current label. In the past he used the label André Jullien1,3,3a,5,6,B,EPRoissac
Landreau, Paul & Danielmeasle_green[10]Now Daniel Yves Marie Landreau1,EPCriteuil-la-Magdeleine
Lascaux, MauriceMap marker green 9After Maurice first Sylvain Lascaux and now Rémy Lascaux1,5,B,EPSt.-Même-les-Carrières
Lebecq, Alain et LaurenceMap marker blue 9B,EPCriteuil-la-Magdeleine
Leonard, Jean-PierreMap marker green 95,EPGondeville
LicornenStill active?4Malaville
Lotherie, Henri deMap marker green cirkel 7Now Edith de Lothérie
Maison 1719, laMap marker green 9Owner: Boulay@Touzac
Marcadier, Simone & Barbot, A.Map marker green 9 1,5,6,B,EPSegonzac
Mercier, Père & Fils
Map marker green 9Now Dominique Mercier1,5,6,B,EPLignieres-Sonneville
Mery et filsMap marker green 95,BSalles d'Angles
Michelet, EricMap marker green 9BSegonzac
Mothe, Logis de laMap marker green 9brand name of André Jullien
Olivier TébilynAlso named: OT@Salles d'Angles
ParisnBrand of François Anthoene@Juillac-le-Coq
Paynaud, EdmondMap marker green cirkel 7Now Jean PaynaudB,VIC,1,EPBouteville
Petit, BeatriceMap marker green 9B,EPVerrières
PhilbertMap marker blue 9See table fins bois
Pluchon, Jean-ClaudenVineyards at Treillis, Salles d'Angles; no visitors1,3a,6,B,EPAngoulême
Prioulat, PierreMap marker green cirkel 7Almost everything is sold to the big firms1,6,EPSt.-Fort-s/le-Né
Raby, Gerard & CecileMap marker green 9Before: Guy and Marcelle Raby; before that Henri and Pauline@La Brée
Raison PersonelleMap marker green 9Owner: Bertrand de Witasse@Angeac-Champagne
Rosille, de lanOwner: Meslier, Claude1,BChateauneuf
Roy, Jean-ClaudeMap marker green 9Now Jean-Emmanuel Roy1,B,EP,VICLe Maine Verret
Sapins, lesnbrand of Domaine des Abels, organization for the mentally impaired@Lignières-Sonneville
Saunier, Jean-ClaudeMap marker green 9BSegonzac
Seguinot & Fils, PierreMap marker green 9Now: Gerard Seguinot1,3a,5,6,7,B,EPSegonzac
Serplet, PierreMap marker green cirkel 71Lavaud
TallefortMap marker green 9Brand of the company La Champagne St. Preui'; estabished by five winegrowers; nowadays run by Gilles gazeaud1,3a,6,B,EPSaint Preuil
Testaud, GuyMap marker green 9He also buys cognacs to make his blends1,3a,4,6,B,EP
Thorin, Claude Map marker green 9Before: André Thorin


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